Musical Muse: Dominique Young Unique

Dominique Young Unique is the exciting and, yes, young, MC behind tracks like “She’s Unique” (you might remember we recently featured the premiere of its video), and 2010’s awesomely crass "Show My Ass.”
Tending to favor electro-club beats that match her spit-fire flow, Dominique Young Unique has an uncanny way of mixing her international party vibe with unassuming candor. Ms. Unique also dipped her toe into the fashion world when she modeled for Katie Eary at London Fashion Week and hung out with Kanye West. We recently caught up with the Florida-native in Los Angeles to talk about her recent globe-trotting adventures, how to cool down when the weather gets hot, and what outfits work best for a live show.
Photographed by Clarke Tolton
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Dominique wears a Zara top.

You’ve already worked and toured with some greats (Big Boi, Yo Majesty), and Kanye West is a known admirer. Who would you like to collaborate with next?
"Kanye wanted me to model in his fashion show with Katie Eary and it was so amazing. I would love to collab with Jay-Z and Beyonce... well, the whole family. Solange Knowles has a great voice! I would love if she would sing one of my hooks. Also, Tyler The Creator, Rihanna, Adele, Drake, and Lil Wayne."

Photographed by Clarke Tolton
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Dominique wears her own pink romper, and an Hermès pink bracelet.

You grew up in Tampa, where it can get really hot and muggy. Do you have any fashion tips for how to stay cool this summer?
"I just walk around butt naked... jk! But, it really is hot in Tampa, and when it rains, it gets even hotter. Shorts and a half shirt are good in Florida."

Photographed by Clarke Tolton
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Putting on her Qupid heels.

You’ve traveled the world recently. What’s your favorite city to visit, and what’s your favorite place to perform?
"My favorite city to visit is New York, because there’s so much going on there. It has a ton of fashion, clothing, people, hairstyles... And my favorite place to perform is Spain. People are so outrageous there – I mean, they party fucking hard!"

Photographed by Clarke Tolton
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Dominique is wearing a Finders Keepers blue top, Zara shorts, Quipid heels, a Balenciaga bag, and Lanvin jewelry.

Do you have any more plans to step further into the fashion world, after your recent modeling gig?
"I love fashion! It's your life, your attitude, your swag. It's just you! But yes, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be in that world a lot."

Photographed by Clarke Tolton
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Dominique rocks a chic pair of Ralph Lauren sunnies.

Photographed by Clarke Tolton
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Dominique is wearing a Tonlani boho dress and Qupid yellow sandals.

What’s your go-to outfit for performing?
"I love heels or long boots — like Puss 'n Boots! I love to wear anything that fits my body and shows off my curves. I love glam stuff."

Photographed by Clarke Tolton
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Just lounging.

Photographed by Clarke Tolton
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Check out those Lanvin bangles.

What are three things you’d never leave behind, heading out on tour?
"My heels, my iPhone, and my purse."

Photographed by Clarke Tolton
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Photographed by Clarke Tolton
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Dominique's iPhone, Chanel bag, Marc Jacobs bag, red nail polish, and jewelry.

How’d you come across that great Chanel bag we see here?
"To make a long story short, I got that bag in London. I forgot the street's name but my best friend and I caught a taxi and we happened to see a fashion center. I went in the Chanel store, took all day choosing one, and I bought the bag because Unique was written all over it!"

Photographed by Clarke Tolton
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What’s next for Dominique Young Unique?
"I haven't release new music for so long, so I know my fans have been like 'What happened to Dominique Young Unique?' I've been in the studio working on new material and I’m about to get ready to release my first EP around July or August. So exciting! Also, I'm getting ready to head to London and Italy to perform and work on music."

Photographed by Clarke Tolton