DIY Fashion: The Splatter-Paint Trend

This spring, we're seeing artisans and designers collide with splatter-paint fashions that range from shoes to apparel and accessories. So, in this edition of R29 DIY, I'm channeling my inner Jackson Pollock and paying homage to the late and great Alexander McQueen, and other designers such as Tory Burch and Proenza Schouler who recently showed collections during Fashion Week that painted smiles on our faces.
Reach into your closet to breathe some colorful new life into existing items with vibrant paint shades that scream I'm a Rebel (and a cool one!). Keep in mind, with this project, all imperfections are, in fact, perfect. The more random your strokes and splatters, the better!
The Inspiration: Above, from left: Alexander McQueen Paint Splattered Blucher Shoes, $795, available at Barneys New York; Proenza Schouler fall 2010 runway; Diesel Black Gold fall 2010 runway; Tory Burch fall 2010 runway.
Splatter-Chic Directions:
Make sure you properly cover your surface to protect the area from excess paint. And be sure to go to Urban Outfitters to find more great closet essentials you can personalize yourself.
What you need:
1. Paint brushes—available at hardware stores and art supply stores.
2. Fabric paint—available at any craft store.
3. Jeans—we like a classic, skinnier cut for this look best.
4. Newspaper or a dropcloth
What to do:
1. Cover an even surface with newspaper or a dropcloth and lay jeans down flat.
2. Start by brushing random strokes of paint onto your jeans.
3. Using the paintbrush and your hand, gently flick paint spots and splotches to blend with strokes.
4. Let jeans dry flat before wearing, about two hours.
What you'll need: 1. Paint brushes—available at hardware stores and art supply stores.
2. Paint—use acrylic or samples from your local paint store.
3. Oxford shoes—We love these from Urban Outfitters or check out their other options.
4. Newspaper or dropcloth
What to do:
1. Remove shoelaces.
2. Stuff each shoe with newspaper and place on an extra sheet of paper or a dropcloth.
3. Start by brushing random strokes of paint onto shoes.
4. Using the paintbrush and your hand, gently flick paint spots and splotches to blend with strokes.
5. Let shoes dry, about an hour, and re-lace.
Note to readers: To get even more DIY-inspired, check out Erica's site, P.S. I Made This..., and her Twitter, @psimadethis.

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