Turn Your Apartment Into A Cozy Winter Den

At this point in the season, you've likely noticed a strange shift in the behavior of those around you. Friends who once claimed to be "summer people" now can't stop waxing poetic about knit scarves. Coworkers you barely know are inviting you to partake in fall-tivities like apple picking. And — spookiest of all — every single person you follow on Instagram has somehow managed to capture the exact same shot of his or her new boots crunching fallen leaves. Apparently, there is nary a person who can resist catching autumn feels.

While we're just as guilty as the rest, our love of the rapidly cooling weather extends past all the fun to be had in nature. It also stems from the very important fact that spending a full fall weekend watching scary movies and eating baked goods is, for at least a few months, considered cozy, not lazy.

Before you join us in full hibernation mode, though, take a quick inventory of your living space. Are you fully equipped with all the soft blankets, extra pillows, and other homey decor touches required to woo friends into coming to your place, thus saving you from braving the elements in a quest for social contact? If not, keep your dollars for overpriced seasonal lattes and prepare the DIY way. These 10 blogger-sourced projects are ridiculously simple to follow and require only basic materials like paint; scissors; and durable, easy-to-care-for cotton fabric. Get to work, then get to lounging until those May flowers come your way.
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Photographed by Sarah Sherman Samuel.
Lumbar Pillow
Advanced-level lounging calls for pillows that'll look and feel good when your crew settles in for hours of movie watching. This tasseled chambray version just about covers it.
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Photographed by Amelia Tatnall Lawrence for Paper & Stitch.
Shag Rug
While a fluffy rug adds instant warmth to any space (mainly by eliminating cold morning floors), finding one both in your budget and larger than a bathmat can be tricky. This version is 5 feet by 8 feet, but you can adjust the size to fit your space.
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Photographed by Carrie Waller.
Upholstered Bench
Though this bench looks professionally made (and therefore intimidating enough to click past), the truth is, there are hand-turkey tutorials on Pinterest that are more labor-intensive than this beauty.
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Photographed by Jeanne Chan.
Tassel Branch Chandelier
Convincing your friends to eschew restaurant reservations in the name of eating the contents of your crockpot is much easier when your tablescape situation is this 'grammable. Head to your local florist (or park!) to find a branch, then decorate it with dip-dyed tassels and whatever else strikes your fancy.
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Photographed by Molly Madfis.
Pom-Pom Blanket
Could your minimalist bedspread use a little pick-me-up? Amp up the fun factor by stitching on a trim of adorably fluffy pom-poms.
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Photographed by Lexy Ward.
Butterfly Chair
Giving your college-era butterfly chair a makeover is as easy as whipping out some spray paint and a couple yards of any printed cotton that catches your eye. It's the perfect shape for curling up with a stack of books, don't you think?
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Photographed by Lauren Saylor.
Fringe Floor Pillow
Nothing says, "let's spend tonight binge-watching something at my place" like abundant seating. Whip up a few of these no-sew floor cushions (yep, no needles or thread required), and settle in with your pals.
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Photographed by Rachel Mae Smith.
Confetti Tablecloth
Add some cheerful color to your living space by upgrading a plain tablecloth with confetti-style blocks of color. It makes even having friends over for leftover Chinese a little fancier.
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Photographed by Amber Kemp-Gerstel.
Jersey Robe
It's high time to treat yourself to a better "chill" uniform than old sweats and a high-school lacrosse hoodie. This robe made from cuddly bedsheets is the lazy-day look you deserve.
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Photographed by Chelsea Foy.
Sleepy Eye Mask
Napping weather — a.k.a. anytime the temperature dips below 30 degrees and the sun sets before 6 p.m. — is reason enough to stitch together this soft, cushy eye mask. Slip it on and rest up for your next crafting session.