30 Things To Get If You Want To Start Making Your Own Clothes

Whether you're sitting down to make homemade ornaments or just getting really creative with your wrapping jobs, 'tis the season to say, "Hey, I could totally make a skirt myself." Though like all DIYs, doing it is a little harder than saying you'll do it. And, making your own clothes has the potential to really pay off, but if your A.C. Moore shopping list just says "sewing stuff," we're here to help.

We spoke to some experts on what you need for a well-supplied started kit. Thready blogger Gretchen Hirsch, Beth of Sew DIY, costume buff Vincent Briggs, and Ping of Peneloping broke down the go-to tools of the trade, from patterns to seam rippers. And of course, once you stock up you'll need somewhere to stash your supplies.

Click through to find everything you need to become the kind of person who can whip up a dress the night before a big party. Or at least the kind of person who fixes rips in their outfit with a needle and thread, not duct tape. You're going to be so prepared either way.
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Scissors & Fabric Shears

"It’s important to have a pair of scissors dedicated to fabric. Cutting other things can dull the scissors and make it really hard to cut fabric again."— Beth, SEW DIY

Kai V5210 8-inch Very Berry Shears, $19.99, available at Amazon.
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For the delicate little trims and snips.

Havel's Sewing Curved Tip Embroidery and Appliqué Scissors, $15.99, available at Havel's Sewing.
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You can always use another pair of scissors anyways.

Fiskars The Original Orange-handled Scissors, $16.99, available at Fiskars.
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Measuring Tape

Ruler tape: For those projects when you don't seem to have enough hands.

Peel n Stick Removable Ruler Tape, $5.79, available at Quill.
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To make sure your skirt fits you perfectly.

Loops & Threads Tape Measure, $3.48, available at Michael's.
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It's always a bonus when tools double as stuffed animals.

Signals Turtle Tape Measure, $12.95, available at Signals.
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Sewing Machine

"Nothing fancy required."—Beth, SEW DIY

Haital Sewing Machine,LSS-202, $24.95, available at Amazon.
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If you're making your own clothes, you should be open to whimsy.

Janome Hello Kitty 11706 Sewing Machine, $119, available at Joanne Fabrics.
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For all of your on-the-go sewing needs.

Sunbeam Handheld Sewing Machine, $9.99, available at Target.
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"Not ironing every seam is the #1 thing that makes clothes look homemade." — Ping, Peneloping

Dritz Betide Press Iron, $24.92, available at Sears.
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Press your pieces with less than 20 seconds of prep time.

SteamFast Home & Away Steam Iron, $29.99, available at Bed Bath & Beyond.
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To make sure your new creations look as polished as possible.

Black & Decker Allure Professional Steam Iron, $36.54, available at Home Depot.
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Straight Pins

"Fabric pins are important for holding your pieces together so they don't shift as they go through the sewing machine." — Vincent Briggs, Mouse Borg Designs

Singer Pearlized Head Straight Pins, $3.58, available at Amazon.
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Just because your creation is under construction doesn't mean it can't have a little flair.

Brewer Dots of Fun Straight Pins, $5.84, available at Premium Sewing Outlet.
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To mark your more beloved works in progress.

Busy Little Bird Straight Pins Pearlized Heart, $6.50, available at Busy Little Bird.
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Tailor's Chalk & Fabric Markers

Because you're basically going to be the mice from Cinderella.

Drtiz Tailors Chalk, $2.79, available at Michael's.
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It's the perfect shape to help you mark every angle with precision.

Triangle Tailors Chalk, $1.58, available at Craftsy.
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For marking up the inside of your new outfit.

Sharpie Stained Brush Tip Fabric Markers, $12.99, available at Staples.
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Pin Cushions

So your roommates don't find pins stuck in the couch.

Susan Khalje Pin Cushions, $30, available at Susan Khalje.
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Even your supplies can be DIY.

Ricracsews Cactus pin cushion, $3.86, available at Etsy.
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As cute as it is functional.

Smartneedle Aro Pincushion Ring, $8.99, available at Blitsy.
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Supplies Box

Kitchy, but not grandmotherly.

Cath Kidston Cottage Sewing Box, $93, available at Cath Kidston.
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To keep your pins separate from your needles and your needles separate from your buttons...

The Container Store 36-Compartment Clear Box, $9.99, available at The Container Store.
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Store your essentials in a serious throwback favorite.

Caboodles On The Go Girl, $13.99, available at Target.
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For a more polished "just tied my sweater around my waist" look.

Megan Nielsen Axel Skirt, $17.81, available at Megan Nielson.
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"Deer and Doe have a range of patterns that are great wardrobe builders, especially for pear shapes."— Ping, Peneloping

Deer and Doe Cardamome Dress Pattern, $17.37, available at Deer and Doe.
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The pleats will totally be worth it.

Cashmerette Upton Dress printed pattern, $18, available at Cashmerette.
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Seam Ripper

"You're always going to make mistakes no matter your skill level, so it's good to have one handy."—Ping, Peneloping

All Stitch Seam Ripper, $1.49, available at All Stitch.
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Somehow both refined and kind of badass.

Woodworking Shop Seam Ripper Kit, $10.95, available at Woodworking Shop.
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Fun packaging to remind you every stitch misstep can be undone.

Nancy's Notions Seam Fix Set, $14.99, available at Nancy's Notions.