Dress Up Your Bags With 3 Easy DIY Tassels

Who knew your accessories would one day need accessories? If your bag is feeling a little blah these days, the quickest way to gussy it up is to start dressing it up. A great starting place: stealing some inspiration from the spring runways at Gucci and Jimmy Choo, where patterned totes and clutches came decked out with the most beautiful tassels.
But why shell out the money for a brand-new bag when you can just upgrade an old one? Ahead, we hash out the steps to creating three luxe-looking bag tassels to attach to your cross-bodies, totes, and even backpacks. Consider these the grown-up versions of Tamagotchis (no babysitting involved!).
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All three tassels — click through to learn how to DIY them!
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First up, this Ann Demeulemeester-inspired pin.
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Here's what you'll need:
Brooch safety pin closure
One black feather with a sturdy quill
One extra-small end cap
Two pieces of chain in different thicknesses
Four jump rings
Two small charms (a tiny bell, decorative coins, etc.)
One metal tube spacer
Super glue
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Step 1: Attach one jump ring to each of the small holes on the brooch safety pin closure. This is the base for your tassel.
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Step 2: Put a small dab of super glue into the end cap to start assembling the hanging pieces.
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Step 3: Place the quill of the feather in the end cap and hold there until the glue dries.
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Step 4: Starting at the base of the safety pin, measure a five-inch piece of the thin chain.
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Step 5: Cut off any excess chain.
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Step 6: Use a jump ring to attach a charm at the end of the chain, then close the jump ring. We used a small coin, but feel free to use any charm you'd like.
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Step 7: Slide the tube spacer on the other end of the chain.
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Step 8: Now, you have another hanging piece for your tassel! Starting at the base of the safety pin again, measure a 10-inch piece of the thicker chain.
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Step 9: Cut off any excess chain.
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Step 10: Use a jump ring to attach a different charm at the end of this chain, then close the jump ring. We chose a small bell for this one.
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Step 11: Attach the end of the feather and the smaller chain onto one of the jump rings on the safety pin and close tightly.
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Step 12: Slide the larger chain on the other jump ring and close tightly.
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Ta-da! Now find a bag to clip it on!
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We like how subtle the feather looks against a tan bag.
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This Gucci-inspired fringed tassel could even work as a keychain. Read on for the step-by-step instructions!
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Here's what you'll need:
Spool of cord
Large lobster claw
One large gold end cap
One small jump ring
Circular rhinestone beads
Clear nail polish
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Step 1: Cut a nine-inch piece of cord.
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Step 2: Put both ends of the cord through the top hole of the end cap.
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Step 3: Pull both ends down, leaving a large loop above the end cap.
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Step 4: Thread two rhinestone beads onto the top loop so they're sitting above the end cap.
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Step 5: Attach a jump ring to the lobster claw as well as the gold loop you've been working with. Close tightly.
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Step 6: Pull the end cap and the rhinestone beads down as close to the lobster claw as possible. Now, the gold loop should be hidden, showing only the jump ring above the rhinestone beads.
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Step 7: Measure 25 pieces of 1.5 foot-long lengths of gold cord.
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Step 8: Lay the 25 strands of cord on a flat surface. Using the two pieces of cord attached to the end cap, tie a knot in the middle of the group of cord. Pull tightly to pull the bundle of cords into into end cap.
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Step 9: Tie a second knot to secure the strands.
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Step 10: Trim the bottom of the group of cords so they're same length.
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Step 11: Paint a thin coat of clear nail polish on the ends of the strands to keep them from fraying.
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And, there you go!
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Clip this on the end of a cross-body chain bag for a sleek look.
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This dual-ended charm tassel makes use of all those leftover skulls from this DIY.
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Here's what you'll need:
A spool of leather cord
Two large end caps
Silver beads
One skull bead
Keychain closure
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Step 1: Cut three pieces of 1.5-foot cord.
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Step 2: Hold the pieces together and tie a knot an inch and a half down. Pull the knot tight to make it as compact as possible.
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Step 3: Braid a tight braid for 10 inches.
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Step 4: Make another knot at the end of the braid and cut off the excess leather.
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Step 5: Attach the braided strand to your keychain closure by making a loop and pulling the ends through.
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Step 6: Cut 28 strands of one-foot long leather cord and set aside. This will be enough leather for two tassels.
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Step 7: Cut three pieces of 1.5-feet-long thread and hold together to make one strand. You're going to triple the thread to make it stronger so it doesn't break when it's on your bag.
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Step 8: Lay 14 strands of the leather cord you previously cut on a table in a group. Use the tripled thread strand to tie a knot in the center of the leather group and pull tight. Tie a second knot in the same place.
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Step 9: Put both ends of the thread through the bottom of the end cap.
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Step 10: Push the end cap down toward your leather group.
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Step 11: Keep pushing the end cap down the thread until it is tightly surrounding the leather bunch, creating a tassel.
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Step 12: Trim the ends of the tassel so the leather is all the same length.
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Step 13: Repeat steps 6 - 12 again to create a second tassel.
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Step 14: Now it's time to decorate the top of the tassel. Thread a skull bead onto the top of one of the tassels.
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Step 15: Next, add a silver bead.
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Step 16: Using the thread above the silver bead, tie a double knot on top of the knot you created at the end of the braided leather. Trim any excess thread.
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Step 17: Cut a seven-inch piece of leather cord. You'll use this to cover the knot on the braid, making the tassel look more finished.
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Step 18: Wrap the piece of cord around the braid above the knot.
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Step 19: Continue wrapping downward without overlapping the layers until you've completely covered the knot on the braid.
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Step 21: Using the two ends, tie a super-tight double knot.
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Step 22: Trim any extra leather, leaving a little bit still attached.
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Step 23: Stuff the ends of the leather into the silver bead to hide the ends.
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Check it out!
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This tassel is great for livening up a classic bag with a bright pop of color.