3 Local Juice Cleanses To Help You Get Hot & Healthy For Summer

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on May 11]
With a rare heat streak blanketing San Francisco, those year-round layers are finally coming off. Which means, we're thinking about our bodies a little bit more, especially with bikini season firmly on the horizon. One solid way to start rethinking the way we eat and kick-start weight loss? That'd be a cleanse (as long as you don't go back to the Oreos right after you finish).
And with our local focus on amazing and organic produce, the juice cleanse companies bubbling up in the Bay Area are obviously top of the line. To help you figure out which you should invest in (if any at all), your trusty R29 staffers took it upon themselves to swear off solids for three days at a time and put these four locally crafted cleanses to the test. Read what we thought about each, and get tips on some of the cool new cleanse-friendly spots about to pop up around town. Now that's juicy!
Photo: Courtesy of Juice To You
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Name: Can Can Cleanse
Cost: $185 for the 3-day cleanse, $15-$45 for delivery
Number of Juices Per Day: 8
Based In: San Francisco
The Guinea Pig: Katie
The Takeaway: "One of the major players in the local-cleanse scene (yes, there sort of is one), the all-powerful Can Can Cleanse is one that I've never heard a complaint about. In fact, some of my health-nut friends have done the Can Can several times. And, after trying it myself for three days (it was the first out of the two cleanses I tried personally), I can see why. There are a whopping eight juices to ingest during the day, everything from lemon-ginger juice and green tea to green juice and almond milk, adding up to 1000 calories in total. This, combined with the fact that the lunchtime 'juice' is a soup, helped us feel full and relatively satisfied for the entire duration of the cleanse. After three days, I lost 4 1/2 pounds, and felt great."

Photo: Courtesy of Can Can Cleanse
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Name: Urban Remedy
Cost: $195, for the signature 3-day cleanse, , $15 for delivery
Number of Juices Per Day: 6
Based In: Mill Valley
The Guinea Pig: Angela
The Takeaway: "Before I started, I performed the recommended 72-hour pre-cleanse, which basically consists of cutting out coffee, alcohol, meat, bleached starches, and other goodies. I did the signature cleanse option, which is a three-day plan that has six juices — veggie and fruit medleys — per day. I drank about one every other hour, and remembered to drink a lot of water. Day one was a breeze, and I loved all the various flavors (most tasted delicious). The Beetnik and Vanilla Nut Milk were my favorites. By the second day, I felt energized and revitalized. Coffee was the furthest thing from my mind. The third day was a tad harder though, but I was noticing little improvements, like my skin had a slight glow. Obviously, I dropped some pounds, too. I really enjoyed Urban Remedy and even after the three days were up, I was ready for more."

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Remedy
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Name: Juice To You
Cost: $190 for the 3-day cleanse, delivery is cheap (as low as a few bucks), depending on location
Number of Juices Per Day: 6, plus 2 elixirs
Based In: San Francisco
The Guinea Pig: Katie
The Takeaway: "I'm not sure if this cleanse was harder than the Can Can by virtue of it being my second 3-day, solids-free stint in a matter of weeks, or the fact that there were six juices instead of eight. Whatever the case, I felt myself wanting to cheat a whole lot more this time around, but also thoroughly enjoying the juices that Juice To You creates. The cleanses span Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced categories, with the latter group consisting of an all green-juice diet for you hardcore detox junkies. The former category, on the other hand, includes a variety of juices, including the utterly yummy Pineapple Pear Chia drink, which I would gladly gulp just about every day. Luckily, I can! And I don't have to cleanse to do it, thanks to the brand-new Juice To You storefront on Union Street (check it out here), where folks can get their fresh-pressed juices on the spot, whether or not they're cleansing. This, to me, seems like a more do-able plan and I can totally see myself swapping out a meal or two once in a while with some of the brand's nutrient-dense juices. Don't live anywhere near Cow Hollow? Take comfort in the fact that brand-new juiceries like Corazon Juicebar in the Mission, Sow in Mid-Market, and Starbucks' new Evolution Fresh concept, are all opening in S.F. very soon."

Photo: Courtesy of Juice To You