30+ Cheap Home Scores — & How To Style Them!

If there's one decorating takeaway we've learned over time, it's that sometimes, little things make the biggest impact. No need to break out the paint or empty your bank account on a sofa — a new vase here or a bright pillow there can really up the ante, sans the grunt work.

We asked some of San Francisco's design experts which easy-to-add items they think really transform a space on the cheap. We've got 36 buys — all under $100 — that you can add to your home, pronto. Plus, we even got the lowdown on how to style them. Ready to spruce things up?
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Jeanne Chan, founder and editor at Shop Sweet Things

"This modern Aztec print pillow is giving me cabin fever! The bold, yet inviting, pattern adds depth. I can see it placed on a sofa, side chairs, dining chairs, or even on a bed."
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"Hexagon shapes are having a huge moment, and I love this new take on it," says Chan. "Polish up your space in the entryway, powder room, vanity, or your bedside. Another great idea is to style it together with an art gallery wall."
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"Sculpture pieces can draw the eyes to any neglected space in the home," says Chan. "These pieces are so versatile that they can be styled on almost any tabletop or shelves in the house, including living room, dining room, bedroom, and even nursery because of the cool shape."
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"These hand-carved bud vases do the job of adding shape in the house without committing to anything too spendy," Chan explains. "And because they are handmade in Italy, they look way more expensive than they really are. Try it by the bathroom sink, office desk, or bedside table."
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"I love the abstract and modern take on these sprinkles," Chan says. "It makes me happy and stirs up creativity. I’ll gladly style it in my living room, office, or my kids’ room."
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"I love anything copper! This lamp is contemporary, with a sleek and minimal shape. Perfect by bedside, credenza, or office desk," she says.
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"Black marble is both stylish and elegant," Chan says. "If you can’t afford marble in your kitchen, at least you can afford these bookends to show off on your bookshelves or credenza. It also doubles as a doorstop!"
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"Everything in a home should be beautiful and functional. These eye-candy storage jars make great decorative pieces in the bathroom, bedroom, nursery, office, or the entryway," says Chan. "Perfect for stashing away unsightly knickknacks like keys and coins, cotton pads, bobby pins, paper clips, and just about any tiny little things that can drive you crazy."
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Katie Martinez, interior designer

"I love rattan, it's a classic that goes with almost everything. This could be used outside or inside. Add a throw blanket or a pillow for a cozier look."
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"Throw one of Aelfie's 'Goth Bananas' pillow on your chair. I always like something unexpected in a room," Martinez tells us.

Aelfie Goth Bananas, $59, available at Aelfie.
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"Paint this pegboard white and run it around your whole bedroom," says Martinez.
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"This pendant would add some nice contrast to an all-white room," says Martinez. "I love its simplicity."​
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"Use this enamel canister on your kitchen counter, in your bathroom or office," says Martinez. "I love the wood lid, it's beautiful and so practical."
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"This would look great next to a bed. ​The mix of colors and textures are beautiful together," Martinez explains.
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"Drop cloths can be used as drapery, area rugs, thrown over a sofa or even ​on ​a bed," says Martinez. "Launder them first for a less stiff look."
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Kelly Lack, design editor and content lead

"This is not your mom’s tie-dye, okay? It’s a mod indigo take on the ‘70s trend in a pattern that is — bonus points — reminiscent of banana leaves, another favorite. Indigo plays well with crisp whites, rich leather, and dark wood."
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"It only makes sense that in-demand design collection Commune (the people behind The Ace Hotels’ decor and R&Co.’s packaging) would launch a line of killer home goods. This is a stoop-happy outdoor mat, but it’s so good looking that I’d want to bring it inside and coddle it a little bit. It’d probably wind up by my kitchen sink," Lack says.
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"Sure you can serve light bites on these, but imagine how cool one would look on your vanity holding your metallic jewelry or corralling random bits and bobs on your coffee table," Lack says.
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"Rarely does an inanimate object speak so loudly or with so much sass as this handmade dish," says Lack. "It's perfect for holding your best rings on your bedside table at night."
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"If there’s one design credo that rings true across style sets, it’s that you can never have too many baskets — especially when they come festively festooned with pom-poms," says Lack. "Put one in your living room to hold throws, in your dining room for extra runners and cloth napkins, or in your bedroom for clutches or hats."
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"Chinoiserie is having a bit of a moment. And a white garden stool lets you dip your toe into the trend without forcing you to do a full-on cannonball," says Lack. "This can stand in as a side table or extra seating anywhere in your house."
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"I love the squatty shape and artisanal quality of these porcelain creamers, crafted exclusively for this sweet company founded by a father and daughter who champion the handmade," says Lack. "One of these holding three pink peonies or dinnerplate dahlias is all your dining table needs."
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"As much as I appreciate a good Tolix or wishbone chair, these are just different enough to feel unexpected and just affordable enough for you to be able to buy a set and not worry about making your next rent check," says Lack.
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Crystal Palecek, Rue Magazine founder and editor-in-chief

"When it comes to decorating, every detail matters. Consider updating your hooks, handles, switches, and plugs (even in a rental!) to give your home an intentional look. I adore these inexpensive brass hooks from the Etsy shop GoldenBiscotti. I'd place four in an entryway to hang keys, hats, bags, and coats."
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"From the office, to the table, to the bedroom, to the bookshelf, these versatile baskets pack a major style punch no matter where you use them," says Palecek. "In my own home, I plan to keep my table linens organized in them."
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"Even if you don't love your kitchen, I believe you should love what's in it. Now's the time to start investing in those napkins, dishware, and glasses you've been coveting," says Palecek. "Whether you're dining alone at home or hosting a dinner party for friends, you should always have at least one beautiful set of linen napkins in your arsenal."
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"Not all of us have the budget to upgrade our sofa situation, but that doesn't mean we can't spruce things up in the living room with a few thoughtful pillows," says Palecek. "I love the earthy texture of this handmade one and its simple yet powerful pattern."
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"Every home needs stylish storage. The more we conceal our belongings, the more our spaces become a breath of fresh air," says Palecek. "Not only do these have a great neutral color scheme, the two-tone look adds a little something extra."
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"You can never have too many catch-alls in my book," says Palecek. "Keep potential clutter building collections stylishly contained with this brass tray. I'd love to see it in an entry for keys, on a bedside for jewelry, or on a coffee table for matchbooks."
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"Lately, I've been collecting handmade ceramic pieces. This bud vase by Josh Herman was my latest purchase. The white volcanic glaze produces such a gorgeous texture and the shape adds an interesting silhouette to your space," says Palecek. "On a bookshelf, at the kitchen table, or on your nightstand, this piece is beautiful enough to stand alone, no flower needed!"
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Erin Hiemstra, founder and editor of Apartment 34

"Add some glamour to your life with this acrylic tray. Style your fave boozy decor for a cocktail setup that never looked so glamorous!"
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"I'm obsessed with these wood chip baskets," says Hiemstra. "Keep them on a shelf or on the floor in your living room piled up with extra throw blankets and pillows!"
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"One can never have too much art," says Hiemstra. "This versatile print can live anywhere from a neutral nursery to a fun powder room!"
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"I can't guarantee this marble pot will help you keep your plants alive, but we can guarantee they'll make them look pretty," says Hiemstra. "I love the idea of having these on a window sill with fresh herbs potted inside!"
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"This fun task lamp is such a steal," says Hiemstra. "Think of placing it atop a stack of books on a console table, on the seat of a side chair or let it do its job by bringing some mood lighting to that neglected corner in your bedroom."
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"These gorgeous Japanese notebooks would look amazing stacked on a desk or even as a decorative object for a #shelfie."