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Skin-Care Experts Cop To Their Worst Mistakes

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    You know what makes Throwback Thursday pictures so fun? The cringe-worthy moments. We love those images of perms-gone-wrong and excessive eyeliner because we’ve all been there. Even those ladies who seem to have it all together now have at least one #tbt revealing a regrettable beauty choice in her past. But, they're not the only ones — turns out the nearly infallible beauty experts we turn to for guidance have made missteps with their flawless complexions, too.

    Yes, some of the top facialists and most respected dermatologists in the business have at one point botched a self-tan, failed at-home waxing, fried in a tanning bed, skipped wearing sunscreen, rubbed her skin raw, picked and squeezed breakouts, over-tweezed, and doused her face in caustic agents. In short: Skin pros, they’re just like us!

    We rely on these skin-care geniuses for their impeccable complexion-saving advice, but we're sharing proof that even the most brilliant brains in the business sometimes learn the hard way. Ahead, they're dishing their worst skin regrets to teach us what not to do. Lesson? Learned.

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