5 Easy Outfits Featuring Your Favorite Summer Staple

Denim pulls a heckuva lot of weight in our wardrobe year round. But, frankly, there's something about jean shorts (or really, shorts in general) that can feel downright childish without the proper styling.
Simply put, dressing up our short shorts and cut-offs like an adult requires a bit more finesse than throwing on a T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops. Instead, we're pairing ours with boxy crop tops, wispy tunics, and sophisticated loafers to instantly elevate our look. Continue onward for five carefully curated outfits that are a bit more grown-up, but still just as cool. Class dismissed.
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The Relaxed-Bermuda Short
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Double your denim: These days, the elevated Canadian tuxedo is It. Try pairing your light-wash bermudas with a dark-denim crop top for a take on the trend that doesn't feel too forced.
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The Overall
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Care of a few quirky accessories, this nostalgic piece will look grown-up and sophisticated. And, less like your fifth-grade class photo.
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The Printed Cutoff
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A subtle, all-over print on bottom will team nicely with a larger, more graphic print on top. Balance out your patterned pieces with monochrome ones, like the colored-leather backpack and metallic slip-ons shown here. You'll be the coolest kid at brunch this weekend — guaranteed.
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The Denim Culotte
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While we opted for a cheeky, primary-color theme here (how pre-K of us, we know), the finished look is ultimately a simple one. Pair this short with a boxy crop top and a menswear-inspired shoe for an outfit with tons of great feminine/masculine contrast.
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The Classic Short Short
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Remember when we said that flips-flops and a tee ain't gonna fly? Here's a revised styling option for this classic piece. The combination of the semi-sheer tunic and exposed bra is one we're really into these days. It's also a great going-out alternative for summer's humid evenings.