A Patch-Perfect DIY For Your Fall Jeans

With our fall wish lists reaching epic lengths (hello gorgeous bags, cozy sweaters, killer jeans, and must-have boots!), we’re looking for any opportunity to get a little thrifty…and not blow our budgets on top-to-bottom closet overhauls. Hey, a gal’s gotta eat.
The good news? Denim, our tried and true wardrobe staple (and the foundation of our closet pyramid), is super-easy to make over this season. And to make things even simpler, we’ve teamed up with the ultimate jean authorities at Levi’s® to bring you a patchwork- and mixed print-inspired DIY that’ll totally transform your classic blues…in the most affordable way possible. And the best part is you can have all the supplies sent you from our very own R29 Shops.
Read on for the full how-to, and get ready to check one new, street-style-worthy denim piece off your fall wish list.
For more rad art vibes and inspiration check out the Levi's® #makeourmark project.
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What You’ll Need:
- Levi’s® jeans or other denim piece
- Colored or denim fabric for patching
- Tracing paper
- Pins
- Fabric glue
- Small ruler
- Small pencil for tracing

Refinery29 x Levi's® Denim DIY Kit: All Patched Up, $25, available at R29 Shops.

First, decide which area you’d like to cover with a fabric patch. For these Levi’s® 501s, we opted to use a polka dot print on the back pockets for a tough and sweet boyfriend look. Other options include putting square patches on the front of jeans or a large panel section on the back of a vest.
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Step 1:
Lay out your tracing paper over the first back pocket and begin tracing along the lines of the pocket. We traced the inner lines so that some of the gold thread on the pocket edges will show after our patches are applied.
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Step 2:
Now cut out the shape you’ve traced.
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Step 3:
Lay the tracing paper cut-out over your patching fabric and pin.
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Step 4:
Begin cutting out the fabric pocket. If possible, be sure to use very sharp scissors to get the cleanest lines and get the best results.

Not super-confident in your cutting skills? Fold the fabric over the edges of the tracing paper cut-out, and, using a hair straightener, iron the fabric edge into a crease. You should be able to easily cut a straight line along this crease.

Once you’re done with the first pocket, repeat steps 1-4 to create another identical patch.
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Step 5:
Drizzle small lines of glue onto the denim and firmly press your fabric piece down, starting with one side and working your way across. You don’t need a lot of glue — just use enough to make sure the edges are firmly secured.
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Let dry for several hours.
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CARE: Hand wash and line dry to preserve fabric patches.