A Denim Look For Every Dressed-Down Occasion

Ahh, denim. Let us count the ways. There are the no-brainer skinnies for any lazy day, the comfortable jean jacket perfect for all seasons, and the summer cutoffs that are seriously festival-worthy. It's true that all of our beloved blue crushes have coveted spots in our closet, but denim is more than a fabric. It takes to our bodies perfectly, like no other piece of clothing can.
Then, there's fragrance. Finding the perfect scent — or, rather any scent — is a difficult task. Will it work with your body's chemistry? Is it a nice balance between flowery and woodsy? Will it capture the olfactory playfulness and sexiness of who you are? Is this all too much to ask?
This is where we call Lucky Brand to sort us out on both the wardrobe and fragrance front. The expert brand in easy-going denim has introduced Lucky Darling, the new scent of ginger, red currant, wisteria, and missoula wood that obviously nails the perfume trifecta of fruity, flowery, and musky. Ahead, Lucky Brand shows us how to pair Lucky Darling with three everyday denim looks — no Canadian tuxedos here!
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A versatile denim dress is an obvious must in every girl's closet. This free-spirited frock acts as a great base layer if you want to pile on a sweater or button-up on top. To prep for the ultimate date night, be sure to spritz on Lucky Darling perfume before you head out the door.

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There is a reason the ol' T-shirt-and-jeans combo is such a classic ensemble. It's easy. It's comfortable. And, you know it can carry you from a tame happy hour to a full-on rager. Throw a Lucky Darling rollerball in your purse to keep up the freshness as you wander through your adventurous night out.

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Nothing beats a late wake and protein-fueled brunch after a long week. Whether you're noshing on scramble with a beau or friends, keep the vibe extra relaxed with a skinny-leg sweatpant and top your roll-out-of-bed look with a jean jacket. Before you step outside, moisturize yourself with Lucky Darling body lotion.

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