London's Quickest & Tastiest Breakfast Joints

Photo: Courtesy of The Good Life.
Homemade granola before work is great, but let’s be honest, there’s seldom an occasion when we’ve ever got round to actually making it. Muesli is alright, but if all we’ve got is cornflakes and milk, we can’t hack it: we’ll cut our losses and get breakfast en route. Whilst yes, brekkie on the go might be bit more of an indulgence, sometimes it’s just the incentive we need to drag us out of bed and into the office. Because, if there’s anything that’s going to make us begrudgingly lift our heads off the fluffy pillow, it needs to be something really, really good. Something like a steaming hot bacon sarnie — with extra brown sauce.
Having had our fair share of those "not gonna get out of bed unless there’s something seriously good in it" mornings, we’ve tried a whole lot of London’s breakfasting options. From bagels to fruit pots, and green juices to hangover-fixing sandwiches, we’ve had ‘em all. Ahead, our edit of London’s best on-the-go morning options. Why not skip the cereal this morning?
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Photo: Courtesy of The Good Life Eatery.
The Good Life Eatery
Acai bowls, energizing smoothies, gluten-free baked treats, and cold-pressed juices are the name of the game at Good Life Eatery: Sloane Ave's healthiest contender.

Where: The Good Life Eatery, 59 Sloane Avenue, London, SW3 3DH.
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Photo: Courtesy of Plum + Spilt Milk.
Plum + Spilt Milk
If you're on a health kick, but still wanting brekkie on the go, Plum + Spilt Milk at the Great Northern Hotel in Kings Cross is your go-to. Its new healthy breakfast menu features the likes of soy milk quinoa porridge, buckwheat crepes, and smoked salmon spelt muffins. Simply divine.

Where: Plum + Spilt Milk, Great Northern Hotel, Kings Cross Station, Pancras Road, London, N1C 4TB.
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Photo: Courtesy of Andina.
Andina is hands down the best Peruvian breakfast we’ve tasted in London. Okay, so we haven't had all that many, but that's not to say the avocado on toast and quinoa porridge aren’t first class. Better yet, the confit pork belly brioche bun sandwich is so good, you'll practically be in tears when it's over. Great juices, too.

Where: Andina, 1 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 7DH.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cheeky Parlour.
Cheeky Parlour
Cheeky Parlour is more commonly known to us Londoners as a great beauty parlour, but it now caters to hungry tummies, too. If you’re a lucky late-starter, bob in from 9 a.m. for healthy, homemade sweet treats such as toasted banana bread or blueberry muffins.

Where: Cheeky Parlour, 1st floor, 64-66 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 7DP.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trade Made.
Tucked away on Commercial Street is one of our favourite breakfast items across the city: the salmon roll. And, not just any roll. A dense yet sweet, "will fill you up 'til lunch" cholla roll. Pair it with one of Trade's speciality coffees and sit in the garden out the back if you've got a minute.

Where: Trade, 47 Commercial Street, London, E1 6BD.
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Photo: Courtesy of the Holborn Dining Room Deli.
Holborn Dining Room Deli
Yoghurt parfaits, bacon butties, croissants, hot porridge, you name it. Holborn Dining Room Deli (the go-to counter at our favourite Brit brasserie) is one of the best places in mid-town to pick up a bite to eat at your desk. Starting the day with spreadsheets doesn't seem so boring when there's a sweet pastry and artisan coffee to go with it, does it?

Where: Holborn Dining Room Deli, 252 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EN.
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Photo: Courtesy of Caravan.
For coffee-lovers, Caravan is a no-brainer. Its lattes should come with medals, which is no surprise as the company roasts its own beans. And, the food certainly isn't too shabby either. Morning treats include coconut bread with rhubarb and lemon curd cream cheese, creamed corn on toast, and savoury muffins to take away.

Where: Caravan, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, London, N1C 4AA.
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Photo: Courtesy of Brew Cafe.
Brew Cafe
If you’re running late, nip in to Brew Cafe for a zingy, fresh juice or an artisan coffee. Want our advice? Make time and start your day brilliantly with Brew's protein-rich chorizo scrambled eggs or even the Turkish eggs — poached eggs with yoghurt, chilli butter, and toasted pide bread.

Where: Brew Cafe, 45 Northcote Road, London, SW11 1NJ.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jones Family Project.
Jones Family Project
For the best bacon buttes, we go to Jones’. Its pig pork sausage sardines aren't a bad shout either. If you're in Shoreditch start your day right by stopping in. You won't regret it.

Where: Jones Family Project, 78 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JL.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kopapa.
This New Zealand eatery in Seven Dials is just as good for breakfast as it is for early evening cocktails. For something understated get the boiled eggs, soldiers, and vegemite. For something with a little more va-va-voom, the poached salmon, eggs, and spinach will keep you full enough to skip lunch.

Where: Kopapa, 32-34 Monmouth Street, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9HA.
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Photo: Courtesy of Look Mum No Hands.
Look Mum No Hands
This cycling shop-slash-cafe is a great shout for an on-the-go brekkie if you're in the Clerkenwell-Old Street area. Cake and coffee: two of our favourite things.

Where: Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pret-A-Manger.
Okay it's not exactly a secret, in fact pretty much every Londoner visits Pret on a daily basis, but its porridge deserves a mention. Never lumpy nor gloopy, and great for slow-release energy, at £2.35 it ain't glamorous but it's the ultimate on-the-go option.

Where: Click here for your nearest location.
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Photo: Courtesy of De Beauvoir Deli.
De Beauvoir Deli
A deli that serves Biegel Bake bagels. That's all you really need to know, isn't it?

Where: De Beauvoir Deli, 98 Southgate Road, London, N1 3JD.
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Photo: Courtesy of Stories.
If you're an East London resident tripping into the centre of town, make sure you get up a little early to stop in for breakfast at Stories. Can't make it in the week? Make a pilgrimage at the weekend. The avocado on toast (with lime and chilli) is up there with the best we've tried in London.

Where: Stories, 30 - 32 Broadway Market, London, E8 4QJ.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Fable.
The Fable
Wake up a little earlier so you've got time to sit in at The Fable. Don't worry, you won't be late, it's devilishly well-located and in walking distance of Holborn, Clerkenwell, Farringdon, and Blackfriars. Our favourite is the hummus, sweet chilli, and eggs on rye — doesn't that sound delicious?

Where: The Fable, 52 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2FD.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tom's Kitchen Deli.
Tom's Kitchen Deli
Tom's Kitchen Deli counter is the stuff of dreams. Just casting your eyes over it will make you salivate. Overflowing with homemade continental delights — think pastries, muffins, and yoghurt pots. The list goes on.

Where: Tom's Kitchen Deli, 11 Westferry Circus, London, E14 4HD.
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Photo: Courtesy of 106 Baker Street.
106 Baker Street
For fresh pastries and wholesome juices, 106 Baker Street comes up trumps. Breakfast is served from 7 a.m.

Where: 106 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TW.