20 crisp winter coats and jackets for her all under $300. By Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi
Baby, it's cold outside! So, like clockwork, we've embarked on one of our favorite annual shopping pilgrimages: the search for a cool winter coat. Even if you have a few from past seasons that still fit the bill, a new fall/winter jacket somehow affirms one's stylish intentions for the coming season. And now with saving spare change on the brain (those grande lattés are SO 2007!) we decided to look a little harder for options that not only spanned a number of looks, but also catered to the fashionably frugal—all are under $300.
Take your pick—from Dunderdon's clean and crisp steel gray Vendela coat ($219) and Built By Wendy's irresistible canvas Fishtail parka ($256) to the thrifty but no less chic Forever 21 gingham wool baseball jacket ($44.90), there's a top coat here just for you. Heck, you might even want to splurge on two—we're pretty sure they're all a sound investment.
Above, from left: Covet Tunnel Coat, $248, available at Urban Outfitters; Forever 21 H81 Gingham Wool Blend Jacket, $44.90, available at Forever 21.
Above, from left: Dunderdon Lafayette poncho, $169, available at Dunderdon; Comptoir des Cotonniers Coat, $260, available at Comptoir des Cotonniers, SoHo store.
Above, from left: Built By Wendy Canvas Fishtail Parka, $256, available at Built by Wendy stores; LL Bean Toggle Coat, $199, available at LL Bean.
Above, from left: Dunderdon Vendela Coat, $219, available at Pixie Market and Dunderdon; Club Monaco Thelma Wool Tweed Coat, $299, available at Club Monaco stores.

Above, from left: Quail Donia Jacket, $242, available at Buy Definition; Topshop Belted Funnel Coat, $170, available at Topshop.
Above, from left: Kimchi Blue Faux Fur Coat, $148, available at Urban Outfitters; Fred Flare Plaid Funnel Neck Jacket, $80, available at Fred Flare.
Above, from left: Kimchi Blue Paddington Coat, $140, available at Urban Outfitters; Old Navy Duffle Coat, $99.50, available at Old Navy.
Above, from left: BDG Cambridge Coat, $158, available at Urban Outfitters; Club Monaco Victoria Wool Coat, $299, available at Club Monaco stores.
Above, from left: Minimum Mercury Blue Blazer Coat, $255, available at Pixie Market; Cheap Monday Frida Coat, $140, available at Revolve Clothing.
Above, from left: Cheap Monday Monika Coat, $185, available at Karmaloop; Spiewak McElroy Parka, $198, available at Tobi.
20 crisp winter coats and jackets for her all under $300.

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