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Dedicated Feature

Want $2,000 Worth Of Free Makeup

(Paid Content) They say nothing's free, but we'd beg to differ. See how you can score $2,000 worth of makeup — no strings attached

How To Make Fair Trade Work For You

"Fair trade" isn't just a label companies use to make their products seem fancy. By supporting fair-trade products and initiatives, you can help put your ...

How To Reduce Your Trash

It's easy not to care about trash. We literally toss it out of sight — but just because we don't see it anymore doesn't mean that's the end of its life...

How To Reduce Fashion Waste

We all have clothes in our closet we never wear. But why? Well, we're constantly tempted with new pieces to buy for next to nothing. And while it's great...

How To Stop Sabotaging Your Sleep

There's a reason why you're reaching for that coffee midday. Sleep has become an afterthought in our culture. People tend to value exhaustion as a way to ...

How To Curb Your Sugar Intake

Getting hangry is no joke. When we're low on fuel, we all too often end up reaching for sugar-filled foods that give us a quick spike of energy and then ...

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