4 Easy Decor Moves That Only Take Half A Day

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty impatient when it comes to decorating. I want to nail a look in a few hours and not break the bank, but also not compromise on style. It’s a big ask, but I’ve become quite an expert in dipping my toes into DIY in a very lazy-Sunday-afternoon kind of way. With a pinch of creativity and a few tricks of the trade, you can turn pretty much anything into something gorgeous.
The hottest trend in decorating right now is eclecticism: It’s all about a medley of styles where the more artistic and personal the parts, the better their sum. The key with DIY in my book is to make it feel glamorous — and not like a craft project. You want your final product to look as if you could have easily picked it up from a cool downtown antiques store or gallery, and it's surprisingly easy to get that kind of result. All my quick and dirty tricks, ahead.
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Photo: Courtesy of Graham Atkins Hughes.
Wallpaper Your Blinds
In merely a few hours, you can turn plain and cheap roller blinds into super-cool versions by simply wallpapering. They'll look like something you might find in a boutique hotel!
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Photo: Courtesy of Graham Atkins Hughes.
Create A Jelly Mould Light Fixture
One of my favorite DIYs is turning vintage jelly moulds into sweet little lights to hang on landings and over tables. You can hunt them down on eBay, second-hand shops, and flea markets. Don’t be put off by wear and tear — imperfections to the patina add to the overall beauty.
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Photo: Courtesy of Graham Atkins Hughes.
Decoupage Away
This method of gluing odd bits of paper onto furniture may be old-school, but it's still transformative. The trick is seeking out unusual images. I use vintage comics, maps, or even labels. Because the color palettes are generally softer, the piece always ends up looking more expensive than it really is.
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Photo: Courtesy of Graham Atkins Hughes.
Paint A Chevron Floor
I adore zigzag rugs, because they ooze glamour. But, you can get a very similar look by painting onto floorboards. If you're comfortable with the commitment, this is a crafty (and cost-effective) means to the same statement-making end.