Our 5 Fave Places To Go Day Drinking, Miami Style

Ah, what's better than sipping a cool cocktail (or three!)? Grabbing a refreshing drink when the summer heat is at its peak — midday! Forget waiting for happy hour — these Miami hot spots offer everything any daytime drinker could need. Want to party poolside? We got you. Craving brunch before booze? No problem! Want a cool, dark dive to escape the swelter? We have you covered. Click through to see the five best places to drink while the sun is still a-shinin'. Because, sometimes, good things happen to those who don't wait...
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The Standard
Can you think of a better day than one spent alternating between green juices and alcoholic beverages, under a hot waterfall for a massage, or lathered up in mud? No. Period. The Standard, with its view of the Venetian Causeway, is the coolest place to spend a day. Splurge for the pool pass and enjoy the full amenities (including the spa’s hammam!) or just visit the bar and have a meal and a few drinks — the view is included.

The Standard Miami, 40 Island Ave, 305-673-1717.

Photo: Courtesy of The Standard Miami
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The Abbey Brewing Co.
Some drinking regulars would say that a dimly lit room at 2 p.m. is the key to a great, relaxing day. We’ll take this tip from the pros and head over to The Abbey. This dark spot on the beach used to be nothing more than a much-beloved long and narrow hallway that served up house beers. But now, after a recent expansion, there’s a full bar and the same old ambiance that made it the day-drinking capital of the beach.

The Abbey, 1115 16th Street; 305-538-8110.

Photo: Courtesy of Abbey Brewing
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My guess is you have a memory or two of Friday afternoon happy hour at Monty’s — albeit, a hazy memory. For a classic Miami drinking spot with a tropical Florida vibe, a crowd full of salty people fresh off their boats, and drunk UM students swaying to the reggae band, head over to either Monty’s in the Grove or on South Beach. Order up a Painkiller at any time of the day and kick it in a historic Miami spot.

Monty’s South Beach, 300 Alton Road, 305-672-1148.

Photo: Courtesy of Monty's South Beach
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GreenStreet Cafe
A list of day-drinking spots wouldn’t be complete without a drunk brunch spot. GreenStreet is the longtime reigning champ of the drunk brunch (and Whiskey Wednesdays … and a few other days of the week). Order an omelet or American Breakfast for a good base in your belly before you start diving into a few mimosas. The best part about day drinking at GreenStreet? The option is always open to transition it into happy hour ... and then night drinking.

GreenStreet Café, 3468 Main Highway, 305-444-0244.

Photos: Courtesy of Green Street
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The Beach
We’re not advocating illegal activities, but we don’t shy away from telling it like it is. If there’s one place Miamians surely flock to for a day of drinking, it’s the beach. How else would you be able to stand sharing your sand space with the reggaeton-blasting neighbor? The beach has long been, and will continue to be, the place to soak up the sun. Stay hydrated and guzzle down some brews or booze when the lifeguard isn’t looking. Remember not to take glass with you; let's keep the little critters who live there safe and sound.

Photo: Courtesy of VisitMiami.com