Date-Night Essentials For Every Body Type

Dating is stressful. There's the pressure of meeting a person in real life for the first time — will they match up the the chat correspondence that led to this dinner? — and a whole host of other jitters-inducing steps. The last thing you need to deal with when putting yourself out there is an uncomfortable outfit that doesn't make you feel like you.
We're not suggesting you show up for drinks in your old, hole-y Champion sweatshirt (although, to each her own), but we would recommend an ensemble that makes you feel kick-ass with as little effort as possible. And, to make that as easy as can be, we've rounded up hero items for each body type.
While we can't guarantee a love match, we're pretty confident that these silhouettes were made to compliment yours. They cleverly highlight your assets, while letting your charming, funny, smart, awesome self shine, as well. Secure at least one in your closet and you're essentially prepared for any kind of date — whether it's with the Tinder hottie next door or your number one who's planning a special evening just 'cause. So, quit beating around the bush and just go for it already. The clothes, that is. Once you've got your sartorial secret weapons, well, who knows where the night may lead.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
This goes for anyone: Showing a little or a lot of skin is totally your prerogative. For busty women, look for shapes that hug your frame so you can show off your physique. But, instead of plunging necklines, pick a silhouette that's sexy in a more nuanced way. A dress with cutouts at the waist will forever be your friend; such details draw attention to your middle, which will highlight your shape in an non-obvious way.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
Short Torso
We've already advised you to invest in as many crop tops as possible while they're in style. The trend is everywhere right now, which means tops made just for your dimensions are being sold in a huge range of styles and colorways. Come date night, kick things up a notch with a flirty version — think ruffles, ruching, fringe, and prints — and pair it with skinny jeans or trousers. You'll look smartly tailored and cocktails-casual all at once.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
Small Chest
We're big fans of the love-to-watch-you-leave kind of dress. You know, the ones with a surprise open-back detail that gives a flash of skin as you sashay past? For those who have a small chest — or anyone who loves to forgo hooks and straps of any kind — this no-bra-necessary option is totally up your alley.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
A carrot body is marked by broader shoulders and slimmer legs. Your date-night hero piece brings balance to those proportions. A pair of wide-leg pants will add volume to your lower half, instantly flattering the rest of your frame in the process. And, since a roomy, palazzo-type pant lends the look of a maxi, the shape will feel elegant, graceful, and relaxed. Hopefully you will, too.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
Long Torso
Unlike the previously mentioned tiny torso team, those of you on this squad have an upper body that's longer than your lower half. So, when selecting an outfit to make you feel 100%, consider a taller heel. A bit of height is an instant way to lengthen your legs and balance the proportions of your torso. Want some more support? If you're not the stiletto type, a sturdy, chunky heel will do the trick.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
Take note, Anjou ladies: There's about to be a plethora of pleated skirts on the market for fall, and you will especially benefit from their popularity. This silhouette is inherently feminine and flirty, so take this opportunity to style it for your big night in a way that best reflects you. Leather pleats with a band tee, kooky prints and a crop top, metallics with a tough moto jacket — whatever floats your boat.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
You've already got the body of a pinup model — curvy at the bust and hips, and petite at your middle. But, that doesn't mean you have to don body-con when you're looking for something sexy. Our advice is to look for structured silhouettes that mimic your own figure. The new peplum top — one that droops instead of juts — is made just for that. The top is fitted and the bottom drapes over your hips to accent your symmetry.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
Your shape is characterized by having your widest measurement at your waist. We suggest staying away from anything too clingy or belted, and instead opt for a more structural, linear silhouette like a boxy dress — a short one, too. The micro hemline draws the eye in a vertical line right to those noteworthy legs. All the more reason to strut to date one, if you ask us.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
So, you don't exactly have Beyoncé's curves — big deal. Since your body is lean and linear, you can play around with all sorts of daring silhouettes that may feel too explicitly show-y for women of other shapes. For a special night with a special someone, we recommend a deep V-neck dress that not only flashes a peek of skin but, with wide straps and defined middle, will also help create more dimension along your frame.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
Petite & Compact
While we'll argue that you can definitely find plenty of longer-length options to flatter your figure, printed short-shorts may forever be the petite girl's power piece. The cut sneakily helps elongate your frame, while the kooky pattern choice allows a bit of your personality to shine. That means no more oversized, all-consuming prints that leave your date struggling to see you beneath a pile of extra fabric.
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Illustrated by Pietari Posti.
The combination of your slender frame and the wide neckline of an off-the-shoulder top are basically a match made in fashion heaven. This romantic shape is perfect for accentuating your long neck, plus the cut can create the appearance of a bit more width along your torso. Hopefully you and your Tinder match are just as compatible.
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