Take A Chance On These 9 Tricky Fall Trends

It can feel like you've hit the jackpot when something you normally wear becomes a popular trend. But it's the more challenging styles — the ones that require stretching your creativity (and closets) to the limits — that end up being our favorites. Of course, there's no reason to blindly follow the masses; for example, the sparkly lurex trend could feel like a no-brainer for more-is-more types and be a total no-go for the minimalists among us. But feeling provoked by a trend is a good thing.

We're all for going full-throttle on the weird trends that just click, but the key to tackling those that feel risky is to just ease in. Ahead, 9 fall trends you should be trying, whether you just dip your toes in or choose to go all the way (we dare you).

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