The British belle dissects her buzz-worthy style and rebel-rock pedigree. By Erin Donnelly
daisylowe_opener1"My clothes live in New York, so that's where my heart is," jokes reigning British It Girl Daisy Lowe, unwittingly giving green-eyed fash-philes the coordinates to her much-coveted closet. The 19-year-old model and rock progeny—Lowe was raised by mother Pearl Lowe (an original Brit It Girl in her own right) and step-father Danny Goffey of Supergrass, with Gavin Rossdale filling in as biological dad—has established herself as a crush-worthy fashion ingénue thanks to her sweet but smoldering beauty and an easy-chic wardrobe that's heavy on cheeky vintage frocks and an I'm-with-the-band kind of confidence. Provocative poses for Agent Provocateur and star lensmen like Steven Klein and Terry Richardson have raised Lowe's modeling profile, and—barring any conflicts with a potential television show in the pipeline—she expects to return to the runways at Bryant Park in September.
This summer, Lowe will be spending time with her family, though, and in her case, that means trailing Goffey and his Supergrass bandmates as they tour with the Foo Fighters. Here, Lowe opens up about what she'll wear on the road this summer and the finer points of NYC versus London style…
Tell us the five fashion essentials you can't live without…
1. "I really, really love this ribbon headband from Geminola in New York. You tie it around your hair and it has tiny little fake flowers on it."
2. "My boyfriend bought me a Solange Azagury-Partridge Fringe ring, and it's beautiful. It's a square of gold chainmail that hangs off the sides."
3. "A little Chanel clutch."
Vivienne Westwood pirate boots, Daisy at a Uniqlo event, Miu Miu stretch belt
4. "Vivienne Westwood pirate boots. Everyone has the old ones, but my mum dyed mine black so they look different."
5. "A really old Miu Miu black elastic-waist belt that I wear every day to pinch me in."
Daisy out and about.
Your look has a really personal feel to it. How would you describe it?
"Like a fairy pixie doll, but with a little bit of a vintage twist. Like a dirty fairy. I like to mix it up—old vintage fabric dresses with exotic Tibetan jewelry, flowers, headbands, that sort of thing."
What will you be wearing this summer?
"Agent Provocateur swimsuits, which are really flattering for womanly figures. Old vintage caftans and hippie headbands. I just bought a pair of Miu Miu gladiator sandals in brown to go with all of my white lace dresses for summer. Oh, and Miu Miu boy shorts, which I'm wearing right now."
Snapshots of Daisy.
Who would you say has influenced your style the most?
"Definitely my mum, because growing up I stole her clothes. I like films too—Barbarella, Valley of the Dolls. The styling in that film is amazing. Also True Romance—I'm obsessed with Patricia Arquette in that film. Of the modern girls, I like Lily Allen and Sienna Miller. I admire their style, but I don't take stuff from them; I don't try to dress like them."
Did growing up in a rock-n-roll environment have a big impact on your style?
"Everyone classes me as a rock chick. And I'm extremely into my rock chick look, especially when I go to shows! I go to gigs a lot. I also think that style is influenced by what people listen to."
Daisy in campaigns for Wheels & Dollbaby, Whistle, and Doc Martens.
So, what are you listening to right now?
"Adele, Mystery Jets. I also love David Bowie and old stuff like Cab Calloway and The Coasters. Amy Winehouse is amazing, and I love Supergrass, of course. Their new album is fucking amazing; my step-dad wrote the song "Rebel in You" about me. I know I'm going to sound up my own arse because the lyrics are all "you're beautiful," but it's such a good song, and it's only because I'm his first child. I'm also into Django James and the Midnight Squires, from L.A. I know the kid who sings for them. He's going to be the next Iggy Pop."
Where do you shop in London and New York City?
"Relic is a great little vintage shop in London. And I've spent the whole week at Geminola in New York. All of the fabrics are sourced from all over the world and date back to around the 1950s."
Daisy in shoots for Muse (left and right) and Italian Vogue (center) magazines.
Having lived in both London and NYC, what's your take on the differing style?
"On the whole, people look so much better in New York City. People you see on the street seem to take more care in their appearance. Sometimes I stop and stare, thinking, 'I want that bag, I want those shoes…' In London, the average person on the street doesn't really bother, but then you have these crazy outfits that make you stop and think—fuck! New York style is more manicured and beautiful, and London is a bit grungy. Everyone wants to be original in London; in New York, they just want to be dressed well."
Daisy Lowe dissects her buzz-worthy style and rebel-rock pedigree.

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