24 Cool Backpacks For A Warmer Commute

During the week, you're constantly racing — from your commute to a meeting to a happy hour, and then back to your bed to rack up those precious ZZZs before you start it all over again. On your day-long trek, there are a million different things you need to tote around, but you can't have an accessory hinder your pace! Which, is especially problematic this time of year when you'd prefer to keep your mittened hands in your pockets for extra warmth, rather than out in the elements juggling a strappy purse, a clutch, or even an over-the-forearm bag. That's where the backpack comes in. Ahead, we put together 24 sleek styles to let your hands stay where they belong: hidden in your puffer.
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We love the sleek look of this bright orange backpack.
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Givenchy always delivers just the right amount of cool.
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Chunky tassels add a finishing touch.
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What's black, white, and red all over?
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This camo backpack looks good anywhere.
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The '70s are happening in a major way — ease into the trend with this tie-dye number.
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American Retro gives some serious lip.
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How sophisticated.
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Perfect for all of our winter whites.
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The finishing touch for your Canadian Tuxedo.
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A backpack that makes you insta-cool.
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To go with all the neutrals in your closet.
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Who wants one pop of color when you can have three?
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Adding texture can complete an outfit.
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Liven things up with bright checks.
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Yes, please.
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Feeling the blue on blue.
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Mini and plaid? How cute.
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Welcome to 3015.
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Mesh is looking fresh on this backpack.
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Store the items you use the most in the front pocket.
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Let your backpack do all the talking.
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A two in one: backpack and faux-furry friend.
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A pretty shade of green makes the winter feel less harsh.