The 15 Cutest Pet Presents To Pamper Your Faithful Friends

Few things can take the place of a BFF, especially when that bestie is of the four-legged variety. Right, animal owners? Who knows you better than Fluffy or Scout? Here at Refinery29, we're seriously fond of the fuzzy bunch — we have more than a few official Office Dogs, and we think all of them deserve to be as stylish as their humans.
But we're not talking ridiculous costumes (truth: your dog hates that tutu) or over-the-top treats — think pretty-yet-practical, giftable goodies that'll fit right into your stylish surroundings. Click through to see the most adorable finds for the four-legged friends in your life — but don't blame us if all this cuteness sends you running to the nearest adoption event.
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Guardian Gear Rain Jacket With Reflective Strip, $14.20-$27.20, available at Baxter Boo.
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Cece Kent Bel Air Dog Carrier, $200, available at Doggie Vogue.
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Harry Barker Toile Dog Bowls, $24-$32, available at Harry Barker.
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Neuman Studios Guitar Pick Dog Tag, $18, available at Neuman Studios.
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ModPet Chaise Lounge Chair, $145, available at ModPet.
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Symmetrical Pottery Dog Treat Jar, $40, available at Symmetrical Pottery.
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Funny Fur Animal Print Cat Collar, $4.95, available at Funny Fur.
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Trixie + Peanut Oasis Pet Beds, $59-$79, available at Trixie + Peanut.
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PlayaPup UV Protective Dog Rashguard Shirt, $29.74-$42.49, available at Petco.
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Harry Barker Town & Country Cat Food Storage Canister, $52, available at Harry Barker.
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Glamour Mutt Maggie Swarovski Crystal Leather Collars, $29.99, available at Glamour Mutt.
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Uncommon Goods DJ Cat Scratching Pad, $35, available at Uncommon Goods.
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Organically Correct Citrus Shampoo For Dogs and Cats, $13.95, available at Wayfair.
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Isabella Cane Zig Zag Collars, $42-$52, available at Isabella Cane.
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Upscale Pup Pastel Rope Bone Toy, $6.99, available at Upscale Pup.