The Best Curls Of The Season — And How To Get Them

Newsflash: Labor Day — and Fashion Week — are right around the corner, which means that it's officially time to ditch that humidity-wilted pony that you've been sporting all summer (it's okay, we're guilty, too) and step up you hair game a bit.
Here to help us sail into September in perfectly coiffed style? Curling wands, those clipless wonders that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your every curling need. To demonstrate just how versatile these babies can be, we picked three of our favorite summer-into-fall hair looks and paired them up with the curling wands that'll help you DIY. Looking for a new way to style your curls? We've got you covered — now you just have to decide which look to rock first!
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Tons of Texture

If tons of voluminous curls are what you crave, you're in luck. A curling wand set is super-handy, because it allows you to create waves and curls of all different shapes and sizes — the key to faking born-with-it texture — without investing in four separate irons. Score!
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Cortex Professional Digital 4-in-1 Titanium Clipless Curling Iron Set, $99.99, available at Folica.
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Low-Key Bombshell

We're obsessed with curls that have a hint of Hollywood glamour — but none of the crispy, crunchy factor. A cone-shaped wand will help you get locks that are wavier at the top, and looser at the bottom.
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Sultra Bombshell Cone Rod Curling Iron, $130, available at Sephora.
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Surf Hair, Don't Care

Just because summer's ending doesn't mean that your hair has to be beaten into submission with a blow dryer on the daily. Wind random sections around a large-barrel curling wand, then comb through your hair with your fingers to loosen the waves. Since you only want a hint of bend, this style requires you to hold each curl for less time — perfect for when you're in a rush (which we always seem to be — damn you snooze button).
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Remington Keratin Therapy 1.5" Clip-Free Curling Iron, $31.97, available at Walmart.