15 Crystals You Don't Know About — & What They Mean

Not to get all Spencer Pratt on you, but crystals, man — they're having a moment in the jewelry world. Whether you believe in their supernatural properties or are just into how color-soaked these stones are, getting into crystals is as fun as learning about your horoscope. Not that you should plan your big life decisions on whether or not you've been sleeping with a quartz under your pillow — but it's a subject you can have a lot of fun getting sucked into. All you need is an open mind — and a penchant for pretty, sparkly things doesn't hurt, either.

To get a solid introduction to all things crystal, we tapped Gia Bahm, the designer behind Unearthen, as well as jewelry designers Jacqui Aiche and Melissa Joy Manning, to give us the 411 on the top 15 different types of gems you'll encounter. Whether you choose yours for protection, healing, attraction, or its sparkle factor, it's a good time to learn about what juju these stones supposedly can pass along to you.
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This purple or lavender crystal is said to be rich in positive attributes. Believers trust that it’s a highly protective and powerful gem that can help with everything from calming the thoughts to blocking stress and negative energy, which can assist in decision-making.

Amethyst is also known to be a crystal of balance that promotes all the good things in life: love, spiritual awareness, motivation, focus, and memory, to name a few. And when all that comes in a package as pretty as these earrings, who couldn't use it?
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Imagine a crystal that does all the dirty work for you. That’s Citrine. This absorbent, cleansing gem — which is typically yellow or yellow-brown — is like a little ball of sunshine both in color and attributes. Gem books say that not only is it energizing, but it’s a total regenerator that promotes joy, happiness, and self-confidence.
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There’s a reason that diamonds are traditionally used for engagement rings — it’s because they stand for commitment and cohesiveness, and are said to bring love, wealth, and an overall closer bond to relationships. Plus, it's an energetic, creative stone that also represents clarity, strength, and new beginnings, so wear that sparkler with pride.
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Balance, patience, and strength to overcome life’s rough patches — these are just a few of the supposed benefits of this green crystal. Perhaps one of the wisest stones, emerald is said to promote everything from truth and cooperation, to inspiration and unity. Experts say it's the perfect gem for some of the hardest times in life, as it is understood to strengthen the character and is a symbol of recovery or rebirth. Is it us, or is this ring giving life right now?
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In times of crisis or trauma, this crystal (which comes in pink, red, yellow, and even black) is said to bring hope and strength.

And, outside of life's more challenging moments, it's understood to sharpen your outlook, inspire love, and potentially assist with your sex drive. Talk about a win-win.
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Herkimer Diamond
Think of a Herkimer diamond as the classic gem's cool, rough-around-the-edges cousin. It's also a favorite among jewelry buyers and designers alike. Manning says: "To me, the Herkimer diamond is one of the most important crystals. Herkimers are local to New York and are said to be one of the strongest crystals available — and their double termination provides enough shine to rival a diamond (hence the name!)."

She adds: "Said to vibrate when people are dishonest, these crystals are the ultimate BS-meter." And suddenly this ring is useful.
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This typically deep green or blue stone is about to be your go-to if you're looking for some serenity, or a deeper balance between mind and body.

While, like many of these crystals, jade is a protective stone that is said to shade its wearer from harm, believers say it can even go so far as bringing about friendships and good fortune. According to The Crystal Bible, "Jade encourages you to become who you really are." And we all need that reassuring pat on the back from time to time.
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In our world of 24/7 technology — which can lead to stress, restlessness, and an overall racing mind — a calming-yet-energizing stone like labradorite can definitely come in handy. Gem resources say that this crystal encourages looking inward and getting to the heart of the matter, and is especially helpful in times of transformation or change.
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Just like the moon goes through waxing and waning phases, moonstone represents change and new beginnings. If you're a bit on the emotional side, this gem may be a jewelry-driven way to balance out any over-the-top feelings or aggression. Believers say it will help stabilize the hormonal system and lessen tension that comes with the reproductive cycle. At the very least it'll make you feel awesomely accessorized.
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October babies probably know this one well. But for those of us who don't, opal is a stone that can keep life interesting. It's said to help wearers tap into their personal potential, and encourage creativity and spontaneity. Plus, opal is seen as a seductive crystal, so it's connected to love and — buyer beware — can ignite passionate feelings and eroticism.
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"All varieties of Quartz are some of the most common crystals available," says Manning, who suggests that every beginner should familiarize themselves with this family of stones. "They are easy to find and provide a wide range of metaphysical and healing properties."

This particular gray-brown variation, called Smoky Quartz, is understood to keep one grounded and concentrated in difficult times, and can be used to help clear the mind, which is why it's a popular stone for meditation.
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According to Aiche, "Ruby is a hot mama — it’s all about passion. While it might help you express your sensuality, rubies also encourage a general a passion for life and are a powerful manifestation tool." Like any really good piece of jewelry, this fiery gem can amp up your energy and courage, while also promoting sexuality and enthusiasm. Get it!
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It's not always easy to understand another person's view on something, which is what this crystal, whose colors range from watermelon to blue-green, is said to help you do. Instead of feeling closed-off, fearful, or victimized, you can approach situations with openness and tolerance. Tourmaline is also understood to balance the right and left sides of the brain for mental stability and coordination.
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You may think a sapphire can only be blue, but this crystal can also be purple, yellow, green, and even black. You know those days when you just can't shake negative or scary thoughts from your mind? That's where sapphire, a wisdom stone, swoops in with its supposed ability to create peace of mind and get rid of unwanted thoughts. It's believed that any confusion, depression, or general unbalance can be helped with this classic stone.
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Many stones claim to be healers, and if any is actually up for the task, it's turquoise. It's all about purification and well-being, and its unmistakable bright blue-green hue has made it a crowd favorite for years. For everything from calming nerves to soothing feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, or panic, it is said that turquoise can balance a wearer mentally, psychologically, and physically.

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