10 NYC Hotel Bars You Must Try

We're equal-opportunity drinkers, and if we want to grab a drink at a hotel in the city, nothing's gonna stop us. And, we mean it because you don't have to book a room to take advantage of a hotel's bar. Speciality cocktails, light bites, amazing cityscapes, and even pools can be yours — all without having to swipe an access card.

So, with the help of Moët & Chandon, we created a handy guide to the best hotel bars around the city where you can get your drink on even if you didn't reserve a one-night stay. From a bar with amazing views of the Hudson and The High Line to one with an impressive collection of books, these haunts will have you thinking twice about hitting up your local joint tonight. Start planning your night now.

The Crosby Bar At Crosby Street Hotel

CROSBY BARPhoto: Courtesy of Crosby Street Hotel.
Need to get away from the city without the getaway? Step into Soho’s Crosby Bar for a quick trip to London Town. The proper English afternoon tea is worth a daytime jaunt, but if you’re in the mood for relaxing post-work cocktails, the eclectic, colorful lights and vibrant upholstery create the perfect backdrop.
The Crosby Bar at Crosby Street Hotel, 79 Crosby Street (between Spring and Prince streets); 212-226-6400.