Create Your Own Damien Hirst And Banksy Art With iArtist's DIYs

Did you ever think to yourself while perusing a museum's artistic fare, "Hey, I could do that?" Now is your chance to recreate some of contemporary art's most iconic pieces. DIY your own Hirsts, Emins, Whitereads, and Banksys—the nifty box sets contain all the necessary components to recreate your own copy, and are are created by iArtist London, a brand that believes that "art should be for everyone". Our favorite (and most expensive of the bunch) is the set modeled after Damien Hirst's For the Love of God. You'll find a human-sized plastic skull and 8,601 crystal beads (as well as glue and tweezers). It may not be the same as the stunning 1,106.18 carats worth of diamonds glued artfully to a real human cranium, but the $72.65 price-tag sure beats Hirst's original $73.59 million appraisal. Consider this an upgrade from those paint-by-numbers Van Gough paintings.

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