10 Cozy Accessories That Are Better Than A Puppy Or An S.O.

'Tis the season for eating pie, posting up with your S.O. in a blanket, and, for the more adventurous among us, gleaning decor inspiration from your favorite Starbucks beverage.

To ease the transition into fall, we've rounded up 10 super-cozy home accessories that'll have you praising sweater weather — from the comfort of your own sofa, of course.

Click through and let us know in the comments — what are your fall home essentials?
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Spices for mulled wine, cider's sexier cousin.
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A sheepskin to place beside your bed — or toss over the back of a chair.
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A mug for cocoa. Spiked cocoa.
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Gingham trays in a graphic, black-and-white pattern. (Checked shirts are just so expected, you know?)
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A collection of autumnal votive candles.
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Completely necessary for fall — and year 'round.
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A woodsy candle for setting the mood.
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A totally gorgeous cookbook you can stack things on (when you're not whipping up recipes, that is).
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This beautiful quilt would work equally well hung on a wall or laid out atop your bed.
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As the seasons turn, bring foliage indoors with a plant-pressing-inspired accent print.