Pop Stars: 11 Of The Bay’s Coolest Dads Talk Fatherhood

We give our Pops major props for being all-around awesome, but when it comes to being the hippest of the bunch, he wouldn’t exactly nab that title. In fact, we're still haunted by the corny jokes, highwater khakis, and Danny Tanner demeanor that plagued our formative years (sorry Dad!).
But here in S.F., papas are definitely turning the cool factor up a notch. And seriously, nothing is quite as inspiring as seeing a dapper dad with his offspring. So, to honor the paternal passion seen around the city, we’ve rounded up a few of the Bay Area’s coolest dads, from Outerlands’ owner, Dave Muller, to artist Ferris Plock. Click through to see our picks and be sure to have tissues handy.
Photo: Courtesy of Chris Orwig
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Dave Muller, Owner of Outerlands, father of Leithian, 3 1/2.

"Fatherhood has taught me how letting go is both the most difficult and important thing I have to learn in this life. It's taught me that what you love the most begins slipping through your fingers from the moment it touches your hand."

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Orwig
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Kristofer Joseph, Experience Developer at Adobe, father of Kole, 2 1/2.

"I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined from being a dad. For one, it taught me that I didn't know a damn thing about love before having Kole. It has taught me how to be really present, not just around. In our day-to-day lives we bustle about constantly, staring at our phones and never giving ourselves time to truly appreciate what we are doing or the people we are with. Children won't stand for that. They rightfully demand your best self and it has been a blessing to have someone to constantly remind me to live a life of purpose."

Photo: Courtesy of Kristopher Joseph
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Jeremy Tooker, Owner of Four Barrel Coffee, father of Rogan.

"Becoming a parent has really given purpose to my work and emphasized the value and importance of family time. It has made me think about Rogan's future and the legacy that I should have been concerned with all along. I’ve also learned the true meaning of responsibility, patience, and real love. He’s helped me realize I have a lot of growing to do myself."

Photo: Courtesy of Jeremy Tooker
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Melo Tabuldo, Commercial General Contractor and Owner of Dreamt Design & Build, father of Cash, 1 1/2.

"Being Cash's dad is super fun! Bringing him to a point of hysterical laughter is the best part of my day. What I've learned through all the laughs, lessons, triumphs, and failures is to stay courageous and optimistic — because that's what he needs to see in his dad."

Photo: Courtesy of Melo Tabuldo
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Mike Jeter, Co-founder and Creative Director of I Shot Him and Creator of The Black Harbor, dad to Townes, 2.

“Fatherhood has expanded my comprehension of what it means to truly care. Caring is just as much about the tiniest things as it is about the next 60 years. Townes' understanding and experience of happiness is in my hands, and that is inspiring and also scares the shit out of me. Fatherhood has truly humbled me and made me realize that my wife is far superior to me in every way. In fact, I'm now declaring that Father’s Day will now be known as Mother's Day part 2. My wife deserves it.”

Photo: Courtesy of Mike Jeter
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Ferris Plock, Artist, father of Brixton, 2.

“Being a father is a constant reminder to stop taking everything for granted. Brixton is far too enthusiastic about every single animal, building, tree, and grain of sand for it not to rub off on me.”

Photo: Courtesy of Ferris Plock
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Steve Brodsky, Partner at Figurehead Management, father of Mason, 1 1/2.

"Having Mason has taught me the true meaning of selflessness and joy. The idea that someone else's survival and development is directly related to my actions is a very real thing. Each milestone he passes, whether it's a birthday, sleeping through the night, or walking are some of the most indelible moments I've experienced."

Photo: Courtesy of Steve Brodsky
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Nate Tyler, Manager in the Communications Department at Google, father of Nate, 6 months.

"Fatherhood has taught me how to slow down and pay closer attention, so I don't miss the important moments."

Photo: Courtesy of Nate Tyler
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Colin O'Malley, Owner of John Colins and Eve, dad of Sophia, 8.

"Being Sophia's dad helps remind me to take a step back and be a kid again. And it gives me the excuse to watch cartoons and the opportunity to draw — because how often is it you get to color unicorns and ponies? It also is a constant reminder that I am not smarter than a second grader."

Photo: Courtesy of Colin O'Malley
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John Paluska, Owner of Comal, father of Pablo and Wes, 4 months and 10.

"One of my favorite quotes is from William Wordsworth: ‘The child is father of the man.’ I've certainly found this to be true raising my two sons Wes and Pablo. I learn more from them than they could ever hope to learn from me. They remind me on a daily basis of the value of being truly present and they've taught me patience!"

Photo: Courtesy of John Paluska
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Kory Stewart, Chef at Americano, father of Maya and Levi, 3 and 5 weeks.

"Fatherhood has taught me that young kids really live in the moment. It’s an awesome opportunity to experience and see that right before my eyes. Fatherhood has also shown me what a privilege it is to have and raise children with the person you love the most — my wife is just wonderful."

Photo: Courtesy of Kory Stewart