How To Find YOUR Perfect Pair Of Overalls

Overalls — you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. But if bloggers, street style stars, and fashion girls in general are any indication, the kindergarten-turned-grown-up staple has major staying power. Especially considering the seemingly endless varieties that are popping up at stores left and right.

From classic denim to dressier versions, or typical buckle strap to newer knots and buttons — there’s a pair of overalls out there for your body shape and style persona. And while it’s sweet to have options, it can also be pretty overwhelming. Some of us can go the thrift store route and pull off the perfect vintage pair, and then there are others who might prefer a more polished look.

Whatever the case may be, it’s all in the details. As with shopping for any wardrobe staple, knowing what little nuances and elements you prefer — whether that’s the fabric, buttons or, leg shape — will save you hours in the dressing room. We’ve broken down the ultimate shopping guide to overalls so that you can jump on the trend without thinking twice. Mix and match the parts that fit your tastes until you find YOUR perfect pair.
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The strap style on a pair of overalls can really affect your total presentation. While your typical buckle strap is classic, it can look somewhat casual — but the good thing is that they’re super adjustable to a variety of heights and torso sizes. Straps without any added bulk or embellishments can look more polished, while tied straps have more of a boho vibe.
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The Buckle Strap
This is your classic buckle and clasp situation. If you’re worried about looking even slightly childish, this probably isn’t the strap type for you, which likely resembles the overalls you wore as a kid. However, they’re great for petite or tall frames who may need to adjust straps for length — there’s a lot of wiggle room here. You can also wear them looser for a more laid-back, boyfriend vibe, or make them tighter to sit higher and less slouchy on the chest.

Also, keep in mind that metal buttons and buckles may or may not be the most comfortable. They’re cold on bare skin and can push into the shoulder if you’re carrying a heavy tote. But, there’s no denying that this is the classic overalls look, perfect with a striped tee or simple turtleneck for that effortless French, street-style worthy feel.
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The Knot Strap
Switch up the usual buckle strap with this variation that's just as adjustable, but more unexpected and visually interesting. If you're more of a Free People-style girl, the knot strap has that boho-cool look. Pair it with a slouchy tee and flat sandal or sneaker to complete the ensemble. It's okay if this kind of overall fits a bit baggier — it just adds to the overall look (pun intended).
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The Spaghetti Strap
The thinnest option of the bunch, the spaghetti strap overall is perfect for warmer months. This style makes for a cute bathing suit cover-up, and can even be worn without another top underneath. It's also a great choice if you're looking for a more modern-looking update of the classic overall. You won't look like a blast from the '90s wearing this streamlined pair.
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The Button Strap
This unique pair of Bermuda overalls has straps with an adjustable button-and-hole closure on the backside of the waistband. All you have to do is put the button through the hole that best fits your torso height. It also makes for a cute visual detail on the back of the overalls, and no bulky metal clasps or buckles on the front or shoulder. It's a sleeker look, especially when paired with the darker denim wash.

But, if you're petite, you may notice that sometimes even the shortest length on this type of overall is too big, and the straps fall off the shoulder. You can always get another hole made on the strap with a trip to the tailor.
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The Non-Adjustable Strap
Also known as the fanciest strap, this no-frills style looks sophisticated and polished, especially in a dressier fabric. The obvious bummer is that, well, they're not adjustable. So, be sure to try them on or get the safety pins ready for at-home adjusting. These have more of a jumpsuit feel, and can easily be dressed up for work or going out. No buckles, no ties, and no buttons — it's the overall, all grown up.
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Bib Style
As the literal core of the overall, the bib holds everything together, and can make or break the look. It's really about personal preference when it comes to the size and shape of the bib on a pair of overalls. Some might want more coverage on the front, while others want to show off the shirt underneath instead. Or you can go for pockets or buttons from top to bottom. Depending on what look you're going for and your layer underneath, overall lovers may want several pairs with different-sized bibs.
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The Barely-There Bib
This style barely has a bib at all, and looks more like a pant with suspenders. Paired with a classic oxford shirt and sexy pump, this type of overall can make for a cool, unexpected nighttime look. Or, wear it with a bralette and a blazer to up the sexy even more.
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The Small Bib
With more coverage than the barely-there bib, this variation still leaves room for experimentation. It pairs perfectly with a crop top to show some skin at the waist, and then you don't have to worry about a tucked-in shirt adding bulk at the hips and butt. The button-up front also adds some unique interest.
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The Medium Bib
The medium bib is slightly more classic. It fully covers the breasts, so you're not showing any cleavage in this style, whereas wearing a low-cut shirt with a smaller bib allows for that. If you're still in the market for your perfect pair, you should probably start with this typical sized bib to get a general feel for overalls.
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The Full Bib
The best thing about a full bib is that you don't necessarily have to wear a shirt underneath. This is probably the most versatile type of top — it's not open at the sides, fully covers the chest, and can be worn solo or over your usual tee or turtleneck. In a dark, uniform wash, with a sophisticated, form-flattering silhouette, this style has the same affect as a jumpsuit, and looks super put-together.
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Overalls aren't just about denim anymore, which opens up the styling potential of this sometimes hard-to-match wardrobe item. It also allows for more wear across seasons — for example, in the summer, a linen pair might be more breathable than a heavy denim. Keep in mind the season and occasion when shopping for overalls.
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The Classic Denim Overall
Available in an infinite spectrum of washes, you can look for the denim pair that works best with your wardrobe. A lighter-weight denim will look more casual, while a heavier one will have more structure. And, don't forget to take stretch into consideration. Since overalls are all one piece, you don't want to get stuck with a pair that makes you feel like you can't bend over. Make sure to move around when you try them on to see that they fit right.
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The Linen Overall
Ideal for vacations and fire-escape summer hangouts, the linen overall is easy, breathable, and the ultimate lazy-girl wardrobe staple. Go all the way with a boatneck tee and a comfortable slide sandal — and don't even bother doing your hair. Just embrace it.
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The Silk Overall
A silky, flowy culotte overall can trick people into thinking you're wearing a pinafore dress. Worn over of a buttoned-up oxford shirt, it's a trusty look for interviews or events where you want to look professional yet fashion-forward. They don't hug the body and are less rigid than your average denim.
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The Lace Overall
Girly-girls, rejoice — there's an overall out there for you. Play up your romantic side with a short pair of lace overalls that make a cute but unexpected statement. With these and other novelty fabrics, let the overalls do the talking, and don't over-do it with the styling or too many accessories.
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The Cotton Overall
Another softer, lighter alternative to denim is cotton or chambray. These fabrics are great for sitting all day or for long periods of time, like on a plane or bus ride (where stiff denim can get uncomfortable).
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Leg Length
Different lengths of overalls all flatter various heights, body shapes, leg shapes, and styles. If height is on your side, take advantage of your long legs by going for the floor-length and flared pairs. Petite women, on the other hand, may prefer a cropped or cuffed pair that doesn't feel like it's swallowing the leg. And, with the rise of popularity of the culotte, embrace that "awkward" mid-calf length, too.
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The Shorts Overall
Who wears short shorts? Combine a lightweight fabric with a short length and you've got the perfect overalls for the hottest of days. They look great with a summery wedge or your favorite pair of chucks. And this pair, without any buckles or pockets, shows skin without feeling juvenile.
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The Bermuda Overall
Still great for warm weather, the Bermuda overall hits above the knee, but isn't overly revealing. In a canvas color and with a worn-in pair of New Balances, you're basically the queen of normcore. Look no further than Gap for the perfect pair.
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The Culotte Overall
Culotte overalls make for an easy outfit with minimal effort. They look laid-back, while still being on-trend, and cool-girl approved. This length should normally hit at about mid-calf. And petite girls can also wear them just as well as a full-length overall or right at the ankle.
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The Cropped Overall
Cropped jeans seem to be popping up left and right, and overalls are no exception. They look cute with a platform or wedge, and are also ideal for those of us on the shorter side. Some pairs can be rolled to achieve a similar look.
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The Floor-Length Overall
For major drama, try a black overall with a wide, flowy leg that drags slightly on the floor. Wear a shoe with a good amount of extra height, add a clutch and a red lip, and you're ready for the weekend. This going out look is so much better than the average body-con dress.
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Leg Width
We all have a favorite cut when it comes to jeans, and it's probably no different when it comes to overalls. While skinny jeans fans will opt for a skinnier leg, you can also find overalls that play up the return of the '70s flare, or a boyfriend leg for an off-duty look. Choose the silhouette you normally feel most comfortable in, or try experimenting outside of your comfort zone. You may not like boyfriend jeans because they're always too big at the waist, but you might once they have built-in suspenders holding them up.
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The Skinny
Another great option for anyone who thinks that overalls look too sloppy. Skinny overalls that hug the leg are more flattering than the pair you had as a kid, which made you look like you had a diaper on. You don't have to worry about losing the shape of your body, and they're super chic for traveling or running weekend errands. Not to mention, if you're getting sick of wearing your usual skinny jeans every day, these are a fun alternative to change up your throw-on-and-go outfit.
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The Flare
This type of overall hugs the top of the leg and flares out starting at the knee or calf. If you're petite and want to add a little height, try wearing a flare overall with a pair of high wooden platforms to give the illusion of super long legs. The flare at the bottom also helps to balance out the look of curvier hips.
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The Boyfriend
Some prefer bottoms that don't hug the body for easier mobility and more breathing room across the board. And, don't think just because this style is a bit less form-fitting that it can't be dressed up. With a shell top underneath and a great pump, you can take a boyfriend overall from day to night.
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The Wide Leg
Wide leg overalls make a fashion-forward statement that's even suitable for some workplaces. A cropped pair shows off the ankles, while a floor-length pair of wide-leg overalls can give you legs for days. Wear with a sleeveless crop top in the summer, and then with a sweater and heeled ankle booties come fall.

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