The Easiest Way To Update Your Outfit? Start With Your Phone

Living on the edge can be fun; it’s exciting to be a rebel, right? But, there are some things you just shouldn't risk — like forgoing a helmet when you’re biking, or going caseless with your phone. The best part about a phone case (aside from the protection, of course) is that it can instantly give your outfit a face-lift. So, for both aesthetic purposes and the longevity of your phone, we’ve put together some of the best cases on the market right now. Grab one for yourself, and never buy another phone again...until the iPhone 7, that is. 
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Try a metallic option that will go with any outfit.
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Twinkle, twinkle.
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Art for your phone.
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If you're into a more rustic vibe, this case is for you.
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The cracked leather (and the gold rim) makes this case super-sophisticated.
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Still want to go sans case? Try something like this leather option, so you can put your phone in a case only when you want to put it in a case.
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Who knew pinstripes and doodles could look so good together? (Carven knew.)
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If you're going to go all-black, at least make it a charging case.
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Now, nobody can make fun of you for losing your phone. It's just really good at hiding.
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Alexander McQueen makes a case that is mean.
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Whether this reads as watercolors or intergalactic space, we're digging it.
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She sells seashells.
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For your daily dose of pop art.
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This awesome orchid-printed case is understated enough to work with patterned outfits.
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Karl vs. Anna.