5 Ways To Wear A Hoodie Every. Single. Day.

When you think “hoodie," words like “gym class” or “sweat” (duh, it is a sweatshirt) might come to mind. But hold your horses connotations. In the blink of an eye, the hooded sweatshirt transitioned from our gym-class topper (and cozy friend) to a viable fashion staple. What a treat. Now, you can seriously swap out some of your more uncomfortable tops for a hoodie, all while adding a big, fat +1 to your look.

But, for real, hold those horses. Just because the hooded sweatshirt is back and better than ever doesn't mean we quite know how to style it into our repertoire. So, in the slideshow ahead, peep five different types of hoodies and just how to style those bad boys. Click through and embrace the cozier lifestyle. We know we will!
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The Tough, But Sweet Hoodie

For a little edge, go for a graphic hoodie like this Thrasher option. Rocking this hoodie is a balancing act: Try a bottom that has a bit more sweetness, but isn't too sweet, like this black skirt.
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The Polished Hoodie

Want your look to feel polished whilst donning a hooded sweatshirt? Go for an knit to make your look feel a bit more polished. Add a miniskirt to dress up your look, but keep things cool with a pair of rad sneakers.
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The Sandwiched Hoodie

To up your layering game, incorporate a cozy, hooded piece to break up your typical turtleneck-and-jumper-dress combo. The hoodie, especially in a classic Rocky Balboa gray, gives a feminine silhouette an athletic edge. Meanwhile, the metallic, heeled boots and cat-eye specs supply a bit of shine to this neutral ensemble.
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The Fitted Hoodie

While baggy is the standard fit for a hooded sweatshirt, we insist on sizing down for a hoodie you'll rock on the reg. Pair with your fave pair of high-waisted jeans and polish it off with a gorg coat and fun flats.
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The Summer, Spring, Winter, Or Fall Hoodie

This sleeveless option can act as a cool layering piece in cold months, or as your one and only top as the weather gets warm.