Subway Commuting Sucks, Here Are 12 Accessories To Help Out The Ride

Tunnels and bridges aren't just for the weekend warriors that hijack your favorite bar on Friday nights. For some of us, it's an hour-long commute each way from Willyburg to the UWS. That's two hours a day, 10 hours a week, and a total of 520 hours a year to get snap happy on the train or meet your next missed connection. Not into serendipity? We've got the goods to keep you happily incognito as you rush through New York City's bustling underground. It goes without saying that while these networks are the crucible for the billion people that come into contact with each other, "surviving" the daily commute could also mean surviving, well, the existential whiplash between stops.
Click through and check out what we found to spice things up.
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Make it your mission to quit rifling through your carry-all bag trying to find that darn thing. This little guy attaches to your keychain (which you never lose right?) for easy access.

MUJI Metro Card Case, $3.25, available at MUJI, 455 Broadway (between Howard and Grand streets); 212-334-2002.
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Brighter than your cell phone light, MoMa Design Store brings us another gadget we didn't think we needed! But how did we live without it?!

Fellina Sok-Cham Bag Light, $9, available at MoMA Design Store, 11 West 53rd Street (between 5th and 6th avenues); 212-708-9700.
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As convenient as they are, plastic fold-up bags sometimes just don't cut it. Anyone ever notice how they make you look like a bag lady sometimes? Not tryin' to hoard the last seat on the train here... Nor are we trying to give the wrong impression about our bags.

WANT L.E.V. Orly Shopper Tote, $178, available at La Garconne.
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Okay, we know we just said plastic bags aren't the cutest. But THIS one is made with nylon (not plastic). Who can't deny the ultra geeky-cool of an expandable bag?

Dubbel Dubbel Medium Bag, $250, available at Opening Ceremony, 35 Howard Street (between Crosby and Broadway); 212-219-2688.
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Need your iPad handy? Don't leave it behind! This iPad case comes with a handy wristlet strap to keep your life on a leash.

Jil Sander Wristlet Strap iPad Case, $460, available at Net-A-Porter.
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You may already have your headphone preferences, but we like these because of all the color options! Now imagine the conversation kickers you can have with the cute boy who has the same color headphones as you... ("Cool headphones, bro.") Eh, maybe that's awkward. Either way, these are cheap enough to get a few swatches.

Urbanears Headphones, $60, available at Urban Outfitters, 526 Avenue of the Americas (at W 14th street); 646-638-1646.
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They're just the bees' knees!

Ladybug Earbuds, $11.55, available at Amazon.
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Save your strutting for above ground. But at least look cute(r) between destinations in these leopard babes! The handy bag is definitely a plus.

CitySlips Ballet Flats with Carrying Case, $24.95, available at CitySlips.
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Since we're talking about missed connections, there's nothing that gets you noticed more than a cool book cover. And who doesn't love food, let alone exciting food for your southern man type?

Exciting Food for Southern Types, $12, available at Penguin.
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Remember the Dentyne Ice commercial way back when? Let this break the ice.

Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill gum, $10.99, available at
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So if you REALLY want to get noticed (good or bad), this one is sure to turn some heads.

How to Be Inappropriate by Daniel Nester, $13.42, available at Barnes & Noble, 555 Fifth Avenue (between W 46th and W 45th streets); 212-697-3048.
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Hide your booze in a cell phone flask... Just kidding. If you see something, say something.

Cell Phone Flask, $10.89, available at Amazon.

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