27 Backpacks For The Cool Commuter

Photo: Courtesy of Sandro.
There are certain things you never outgrow. A penchant for sneakers, a soft spot for Disney movies, and an understanding that backpacks are by far the most convenient way to transport your belongings from point A to point B. We had it good back in grade school: We weren't so choosy when it came to style, content with a bright color or a solid cartoon print. Our tastes have since matured, even if our need for hands-free mobility has stayed strong. Think of all the brilliant things you could Insta when you're not clutching on to a tote or adjusting your shoulder bag strap! So, we're bringing you some totally grown-up and too-cool backpacks. Consider them — if only for the texting advantages. 
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Go big and go chrome.
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Because our lives can always use a little more structure.
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Pretty florals on the outside, padded back and sleeves for minimal shoulder pain on the backside.
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Back to the future.
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Blue is the chicest color.
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The perfect carry-on for all your summer travels.
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The statement-making accessory that'll make your jeans-and-T-shirt ensemble stand out.
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Cuddling your backpack is totally acceptable when it's made of velvet.
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Locally-sourced in Ethiopia, this leather backpack is sleek and ethically produced.
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You can monogram this lovely backpack, so no one tries to "borrow" it.
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Backpacks for the workplace? You can make it work.
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For the girl on the go (and on a budget).
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Err on the wild side.
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Slick stripes for the contemporary commuter.
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No such thing as too many pockets.
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A slick leather backpack is anything but juvenile.
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This mini backpack packs a printed punch.
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A contemporary bag that fits all your essentials, and then some.
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In case you didn't win the Mansur Gavriel lottery, this backpack gives you the look (and convenience) of a bucket bag.
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Keep it light.
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Zip it.
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Toughen up a Little Black Backpack with some cut-out hardware.
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Every city-dweller should add this to their wish list, stat.

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