1 Baby, 4 Looks: One Cool Tot Shows Off Her Super-Cute Outfits

UPDATE: Lookin' fly kids. But still probably not this fly. Indeed, this little toddler's got a whole lot of look. Read on for some serious awws. This article was originally published on March 27, 2012.
It's no secret that style can start small. But we're not just talking Tavi here—nope, we're going all the way down to pint-size cool. And who could blame us for oohing and ahhing every time a super-cute tot comes strolling (quite literally) down the street? Recently, we found one especially adorable baby whose maternity-designer mother just happens to dress her tyke in a style all her own. Meet 16-month-old Charlie Grey, and her effortlessly chic mom Ariane Goldman, the brains behind the chic mommy-to-be line Hatch, not to mention all of Charlie Grey's irresistible looks. This cute-overloaded slideshow is proof that you can be sartorial even while watching Sesame Street. True, we're not suggesting you steal style from a girl who's yet to take on her terrible twos (though if you did, we wouldn't judge), but we just can't get over how sweet this mother-daughter pair really is. We're hedging our bets that these pics would even make the Grinch smile, too.
Click through for mini trench coats, baby jeggings, and the most precious photos we've ever run.
Photographed by Maia Harms
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What is the story behind Charlie Grey's name?
"I was convinced I was having a boy (we waited to find out) and so we were playing with boys names for ever. But I knew from month five that if it was a girl her name would be Charlie as I've been obsessed with the Revlon ads from the '70s of their Charlie fragrance. I thought it was a soft, easy, and cool name for a girl. Grey was a runner up as her first name but when I put the two names together it just sounded so nice together. I figure when she gets older and becomes who she wants to be, she can always take Grey as her name and she'll still have character.  (I am about to get a personalized Solange Azagury-Partridge bracelet with Cha Cha on it, her nickname.)

Purple bow from Goody, white sunglasses from DVF for Gap, jean jacket vintage from RL kids, pink checked top vintage from Maggy Frances, baby jeggings from Target, clear jelly sandals from Old Navy.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Jelly shoes have never looked so sweet.

Old Navy sandals.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Does she have a sense of personal style yet? 
"She LOVES her bows. She won't let me put anything else in her hair other than that. She also loves her Toms shoes and isn't too into the gladiator or difficult sandal thing as it's a lot of work to get those bad boys on. So far, I think she likes things easy and comfy... just like her mom."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Charlie Grey knows how to work the camera — seriously, she already looks like a street style pro.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Who's Charlie Grey's dream celeb baby play date?
"I'd love her to hang with Gwen Stefani's boys. I think a little male edge and some rhythm would make her very, very happy."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What is your design philosophy behind Hatch? 
"Similar to my personal style, HATCH was conceived when I was pregnant and looking for things to feel great in while my body was changing. I would scour the racks of Barneys and stay up late online looking for pieces that would work, but found myself desperately lacking options. Since my style was flowy and effortless prior to the baby, I found myself wanting to build on my pieces in to a line that could be worn during pregnancy and after, assuming women like me were in need, too. Every piece in the collection is something I wear now that the baby weight is gone."

On Charlie Grey: Purple bow from Goody, white sunglasses from DVF for Gap, jean jacket vintage from RL kids, pink checked top vintage from Maggy Frances, baby jeggings from Target, clear jelly sandals from Old Navy.

On Ariane: Trench coat by HATCH, jeans from Steven Alan, heels by Phillip Lim, sunglasses from Ray Ban, bracelets from India.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Charlie Grey likes her clothes as colorful as her toys!

Pants from baby Gap, white belt, a ribbon, from Kate's Paperie, polka dot shoes from Zara Kids, blue button down T-shirt from Makie, bow by Goody.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Um, can we get these in our size?

Shoes from Zara kids.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Are there things she gravitates toward, clothing-wise, for herself, or on you?
"When I get dressed in the morning she loves to come in to my closet and play with my jewelry. My bangles are her favorite and on a recent trip to India I brought back her own set. I picked up a bunch of beaded necklaces and she layers them around her neck. Although only 16 months, this little lady is going to be an accessories snob."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Charlie Grey demonstrates how pastels should really be worn this season, and shows off one of our favorite hues — mint!

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What is your favorite thing to do together?
"Bath time is our most favorite time together. We play with bubbles and animals and sing songs and read books together in the bath. Charlie just learned how to lather the soap between her hands and loves to wash my face so I'm optimistic she'll have a beauty routine down any day now."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What is Charlie Grey's favorite book? Favorite game? Favorite song?
"Charlie loves the peek-a-boo books where you can turn open an object and something behind it appears. She loves music and dances all the time to the beats, involving shaking her tush and raising her hands up. (I often wonder what shaking her booty now will translate to when she's older!)  She loves Bob Marley and her favorite track is "1,2,3,4" that Feist sings on Sesame Street. They are so smart by bringing in real musicians we adults listen to because when we play their records around the apartment, Charlie recognizes them and we all dance together."

Pants from Baby gap, shirt from Crew Cuts, sandals from Zara kids, tutu from Atsuyo et Akiko.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Does Charlie Grey channel any celebrity's style? If so, who?
"Charlie has the biggest blue eyes and softest skin, with blond, blond hair that seems to be getting curly. She also has a gap between her two front teeth (known as the 'Goldman gap' in my husband's family) so hopefully she'll rock this look a la Lauren Hutton or Georgia Jagger."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Suri was known to wear heels from a young age — what are your thoughts on baby heels?
"I've come across them in stores and they make me physically uncomfortable for some reason. I swear by heels for myself and rarely wear flats, but I think a little girl needs to enjoy her youth and there's something about little heels that makes me feel like there's a rush to grow up. She has a lifetime of stilettos ahead of her so for now we'll keep her on her on the ground."

Sandals from Zara kids.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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The coolest mix of casual and dressy we've ever seen.

Tutu from Atsuyo et Akiko.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What was her first word?
"Charlie's first word was 'hot.'

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What is Charlie Grey's favorite springtime outfit?
"I recently bought her a trench coat from Zara that is just too cute. She wears the hood up sometimes and a little colorful scarf and I just can't take it. I vowed I wouldn't try and dress my baby like an adult, but here I am and I just can't help myself when in front of these clothes!"

Trench coat from Zara kids, pants from Old Navy, shoes by Toms.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What is one thing you'd never dress her in?
"White tights."

Sweater by Sonia Rykiel.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Although Charlie Grey looks ready to take NYC by storm, Mama's always there to lend a helping hand.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Any kid-friendly restaurants you'd recommend?
"NYC is hard for that. We live in Soho so places are often packed and too tight for a kid.  We'll take her to Lucky Strike early for burgers or when we go to East Hampton we take her to the Palm for an early bird.  It's a great space for families and Charlie colors with crayons while mommy takes down a gibson martini."

Photographed by Maia Harms
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Looking chic in bright red and pink.

pants from Old Navy, shoes by Toms.

Photographed by Maia Harms
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What's your personal style like? 
"I mix and match looks depending on the mood I'm in, but the common thread is usually ease and comfort, with chic pieces with a subtle design element. Although I grew up on the Upper East Side, I have a downtown approach to style, loving high collars, wide legged jeans, and clogs. I'm a hippie at heart so there's some '70s inspiration in a lot of my wardrobe and usually a sense of flow. I don't like things to be too tight as I like room to breathe."

On Charlie Grey: Trench coat from Zara kids, pants from Old Navy, Toms shoes.

On Ariane: Trench by Hatch, pants by Hatch, sandals by Chloe.

Photographed by Maia Harms