Concept Garment Ping Lets You Facebook Your Friends Just By Wearing A Hoodie

Concept garment, "Ping," forebodes of a time when, with just one lift of a hood, a tie of a bow, a pull of a zipper, or the fastening of a button, you can connect with all your friends via social media tools. For now, the hoodie wirelessly "pings" your friends via Facebook with each action you take with the garment, and creates a subtle "tapping" sensation when someone pings you back. Call us old farts, but we think you better be careful about whatever activities you perform while in it, lest your ex accidentally receive 40 message when all you wanted to do was fix a stubborn zipper. Click through for cheesy shots of a blonde "Pinger" from the future updating her status by putting up her hood ("lol u guys, my head is cold!) and changing her profile picture back to that one from Atlantic City by just pulling on her collar. (Electric Foxy)

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