12 Commuter Staples R29ers Swear By

Photo: Courtesy of Field Notes; Bobbi Brown; Baggu; Stance; and Time's Arrow.
Out of the 130 or so employees at R29, there are A LOT of women. You could say we're a small army of busy ladies. And, between last-minute dinner plans, gym time, photo shoots, and industry mixers, we have to be ready for whatever schedule changes come our way. And, so do our bags.
So, what are the commuter essentials that pro R29ers never leave home without? Click through to check out our favorite editor-approved subway companions, with some much-needed assistance from Bobbi Brown and its new Skin Foundation Stick. We may ride the subway alone, but we'd all like to make our travel time more enjoyable.
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How is your commute from Brooklyn Heights to R29?
“My commute is pretty quick. It's Borough Hall to City Hall, which I love. My dad works nearby so sometimes we get coffee in the morning. There are tons of families with children in Brooklyn Heights, which often makes for adorable eavesdropping.”

Do you have any rituals or tips that make it better?
“Some days I leave home a little early to go to Iris Cafe for avocado toast and a Stumptown Coffee. While the coffee is finished by the time I get to the train, I save the avocado toast for the office. It gives me something to look forward to while I peruse the morning news digest (and it keeps me away from the addictive Peanut Butter Panda Puffs that R29 so graciously stores in the kitchen).”
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“This hand-free bag from Time's Arrow is ideal for commuting. It holds everything, has organized pockets inside, and two flat pockets on the outside I can slip my phone into for easy access. It makes juggling coffee, looking at emails, and applying Chap Stick at once totally possible.”
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“Volley is an Aussie lo-fi sneaker company that's sort of a cross between Vans and Keds except with extra cushioning (meaning super comfortable). They are the best commuting shoes because they look equally cute with jeans, a dress, or slim trousers.”
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“A book of short stories. I like getting lost in something not work related during my commute and the feeling of having it come to a close in two or three rides. Right now, I am reading Karate Chop by Danish novelist Dorthe Nors.”
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How is your commute from Bushwick to R29?
“The L train can be a drag, and there’s always some sort of delay — someone even created a site to keep folks updated. I will say though that I like that I get a moment to do some writing. I use my morning and evening trips home to write my thoughts or feelings from that day.”

Do you have any rituals or tips that make it better?
“Most people tune everything and everyone out on the train by reading a book or listening to music, but I simply enjoy observing. I don't like to be distracted and prefer taking in whatever everyone else is doing.”
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"My phone is always in the red. A phone charger is a must for those random nights on the town. I can't risk having a dead phone so this portable charger keeps me in communication with the rest of the world."
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"I'm not a huge makeup buff. I have to admit I'm partial to fresh, natural looks, so I keep it fairly simple in the makeup department. I cover my acne scars with the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in Natural Tan and brush on a little Bobbi Brown blush in Desert Rose, and I'm good to go. Easy peasy!" Advertisement
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"I love socks! But, most of the time I don't wear them (could be why my feet smell from time to time — TMI, I know). Sometimes when I'm going to a friend’s house or going out on the town, I like to carry around an extra pair so I'm not walking barefoot around someone's home. A girl on the go has to be prepared!"
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How is your commute from the Upper East Side to R29?
“I have a 10-minute walk from my apartment to the subway — which definitely wasn’t the most fun this winter. But, I love the neighborhood. It’s pretty out of the way from the more touristy areas of Manhattan and definitely gives off a residential vibe. There’s a small dog park that I pass every morning and tons of awesome restaurants, too. On my commute home, there’s an Indian restaurant I stop at for takeout probably once a week. The perfect way to end a long day!”

Do you have any rituals or tips that make it better?
“Most mornings I call my grandma; it makes the walk go by much quicker. She’s always been an early riser so ringing her before 8 a.m. is totally okay.”
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"I'm constantly lugging my MacBook Air to and from the office, so a laptop case is a no-brainer!"
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"A small pouch to stow away all of my toiletries makes me feel just a bit more organized."
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"I live in constant fear of having food stuck between my teeth, so I carry this just in case. Oh, and dental floss."
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How is your commute from Astoria to R29?
“Between the disgruntled attitudes of city-goers waking up and the fluorescent assault, it can be tiring. BUT, there's a saving grace. The view in the morning. Around 30th Avenue, it opens up to the glistening, promising beauty of the Manhattan skyline. Each time I catch it, I remember why I moved to New York.”

Do you have any rituals or tips that make it better?
“I walk to the train 10 blocks away. I used to think that was awful, but having a bit of a walk is beneficial — the air wakes you up like nothing else, whereas rushing just makes the midday funk come on quicker.”
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“My ancient iPod shuffle. People usually mock me for still having this, saying ‘It's so small — why would you want that?!’ But, that’s exactly why I haven't gotten rid of it. I like old things, and I like that it's conveniently small, so I keep it for workouts and traveling.”
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“My mega-sippy mason jar is so durable, easy to carry in any bag, and perfect for reminding me to drink water or have my green juice in the a.m.”
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“A notebook is my most coveted possession because it helps me write down ideas immediately, so I never have to let a start-up/blog or future novel idea slip away. Also, it's helpful to pour all of my emotions into at the start of the day, so I can leave my worries on the page and be productive.”