These Commuter Styling Tips Make Mornings Easier

Whether we're taking a train, bike, car, or our own two feet to get to work, what we wear on the way is sometimes a whole lot different than what we wear when happily ensconced behind our desks. Those pumps don't feel quite as comfortable on the pavement as opposed to carpeting. That pleated skirt can quickly become a pleated cape if faced with an errant gust of subway wind. And, that bag fits everything you own…but carrying everything without throwing your back out is another story.
That's why commuting fashion exists, and it's way beyond just wearing your gym shoes with your skirt suits. Because, as anyone who considers outfit-making a serious activity knows, the best sort of commuting clothes are ones that work in the office as well — no quick-changes required. And. though we took our style tips to the highest fashion limit, the actual advice still applies, whether you're wearing a sequined designer gown or a that perfect new skirt you scored on sale last weekend.
Don't get too distracted by all the pretty: Read this now for a better commute tomorrow.
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1. Bike Shorts Can Be Stylish, Too
If your work skirt is on the fuller side, a pair of bike shorts can cut down on any accidental flashing incidents while giving you the confidence to haul ass up the stairs or over a grate without fear of an unintentional Marilyn moment. For our shoot, we paired the longer-length bike shorts with a fringed miniskirt for a weekend moment, but this is our go-to tip for when we're wearing flowing knee-length skirts that have a tendency to catch each and every breeze.

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2. Make Sure You Own Grown-Up Raingear
It's not like the days when you had only an umbrella to keep you dry. There are so many rubberized, waterproof garments cut in grown-up shapes that you could wear even if the sun was shining. Look for trench coats, oversized satchels, and heeled booties instead of kiddie slickers, plastic backpacks, and printed Wellies.
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3. Choose A Work Bag That Actually Works
A good work bag has two major design elements. One is enough space to comfortably hold a laptop, files, notebooks, and other gadgets. Two is a strap that lets you sling it over your shoulder, but that won't dig in. Go for quality in terms of material as well. In a neutral color and shape, you'll want to wear it forever.
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4. Get The Sneakers Right.
There's a certain kind of sneaker that just screams "commuter shoe." Typically clunky, nondescript, and worn with scrunched tube socks, it's a hard shoe to pull off, even you're wearing them to the gym instead of to work. The key to finding a sneaker that looks deliberate and not like an accident is to choose ones in either a wild color or basic black with a modern fit, and to wear it without the socks (get footsies, if you need that extra layer). If you're in a full-on suit, a black pair of trainers can look Scandinavian-chic. If you're wearing a colorful dress or separates, puffier versions can feel super-fresh.

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5. Biking In A Skirt? Go For It!
The most annoying thing about biking in a skirt is trying to keep the hem from flapping over your face. We've been using the penny trick to keep things under control, and have been loving that we can wear more of our skirts when we feel like pedaling to work. However, since the penny can stretch out flimsier fabrics, it's important to stay away from pressed pleats and thin materials.

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6. Make Sure Your Headphones Aren't Earplugs
Whether you're falling in love with an album or catching up on your podcasts, a pair of headphones is a staple. However, it's so, so important that your commuting headphones let in ambient sounds, too. You never want to be in a situation where you can't hear a bus coming in your direction, or a fellow subway rider trying to get around you. Leave those immersive headphones for your desk, when you're trying to drown out the noise and focus on getting things done.

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7. Opt For Fancy Flats At Night
Going out at night and don' t feel like taking a cab? No need to wobble down the subway steps in your heels. Embellished evening slides look elegant and dressy, even if they feel as comfy as a pair of slippers.

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