The Thong That Made Me A Believer

For all the skeptics out there, this isn't just some round-up of thongs we thought looked pretty. Like you, we want ones that will actually stand up to bunching, chafing, and the dreaded VPL — while still maxing out on comfort. And that's a pretty tall order for a pair of skivvies. But, this list of undies is a great place to start; it has the best picks for the lace, cotton, chiffon, and more pieces that are worth buying into.
Click through for the thongs we're standing behind; if your favorite style didn't make the list, share it in the comments below. Because, as we all realize on laundry day, the more underwear, the merrier.
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Commando Classic Thong Solid, $22, available at Commando.
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Victoria's Secret Thong Panty, $5.99, available at Victoria's Secret.
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Hanky Panky Night Lily Lace-trimmed Floral-print Chiffon Thong, $25, available at Net-A-Porter.
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Cosabella Never Say Never Cutie Lace Thong, $26, available at Cosabella.
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Gap Super Soft Lace Thong, $12.50, available at Gap.
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Gilly Hicks Lace Thong, $7.95, available at Hollister.
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Ongossamer Mesh Hip-G Thong, $16, available at Ongossamer.
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