5 Ridiculous Lessons College Movies Teach Us

Even though some of us are way, way beyond our college years, we still get a bit nostalgic when September rolls around and classes start up. Back-to-school shopping, taking the secret shortcut through campus, and three-day weekends because there aren't any Friday lectures — yep, those were the days...But, at least we can get our faux university fix from college-themed movies.
We've rounded up five films that created fake but stereotypical colleges with improbable outcomes that wouldn't really fly IRL. From Dean Wormer's scheme to kick out Delta Tau Chi in Animal House to Elle Woods cracking the case in Legally Blonde, here are five totally ridiculous and fake things movies have taught us about college.
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Legally Blonde: A sunny disposition always pays off

Resumes on scented, pink paper are the key to success. We mean, that's how we got our jobs! And, if you're a smart, stylish, and scrappy student, you'll win your first case even before graduating from law school. If you can't beat 'em, charm 'em!
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Accepted: No real consequences to scamming your way through college

Didn't get a college acceptance letter? No biggie, just make a fake one with a real-sounding name, like South Harmon Institute of Technology. No one will ever find out, and if they do, well, just make a big speech. (See next slide, re: speeches.)
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Revenge of the Nerds: Impassioned, life-changing speeches save us all

True to the name, this movie is all about geeks fighting back and taking back what's theirs. Now, we're not saying that scrawny kids with specs can't win (because they did!), but that impassioned speech at the end? No one really makes 'em in college — unless you count S.H.I.T.
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Pitch Perfect: Singing competitions make you really cool

Glee clubs are more like frats and sororities, and redemption can be earned in three minutes — given that you were in tune, of course. Which we weren't.
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Animal House: Frat bullying is fun, not suspension-worthy

Want your frat to stay on campus? Just mess with the other frats — because that definitely won't get you kicked out of college.