10 Seasonal Skin-Care Tips Every Chicagoan Needs To Know

Here's what's great about winter in Chicago: Drumbar's new "Tea Time” cocktails (trust, they're delish), Macy's 45-foot Christmas tree, and a slew of venerable, local skin-care pros. Yes, you read that correctly. Because there might also be a few things that aren't so great about Chicago—say, blustery lake winds and below-freezing temps—so local beauty aficionados who know a thing or two about complexion protection tend to come in handy.
We polled some of the city's most dewy-faced pros, ranging from dermatologists to expert aestheticians, on their must-have items for a winter-in-Chicago skin-care regimen. Ahead, 10 brilliant products they recommend for keeping skin healthy and smooth, no matter what kind of weather Mother Nature throws our way this year.