10 Pretty Coffee Makers For The Perfect Cup

The barbecue- and beach-filled long weekend was over too soon. Now, you're back, in denial, and hunched in front of your computer. (We're right there with you.) The only thing to snap us all back to reality? A strong cup of Joe to tackle that afternoon slump — an immaculately brewed one, that is.
From a cheerful, orange-colored French press to a sleek, fan-shaped ceramic pour-over, we found the most high-design coffee makers to help you through the daily grind this week. These brewers' cool, clean lines deliver the serenity (and caffeine) your workday is sorely lacking. Plastic automatic pot, your days are numbered.
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The classic pour-over with a filter-inspired shape.
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This chrome tower can serve as an attractive centerpiece at brunch, while its contents get you through.
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Opt for a slow, ritual brew with this brass, Turkish pot that combines the grounds with the water and lets them settle to the bottom after boiling.
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For coffee with a complex edge.
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Glass and metal takes your fix elemental.
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Brew in this for a streamlined morning.
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Nothing says "wake up" like a bright orange French press.
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A model that surely must have been designed after the Tin Man, who, if we recall, was always energetic.
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Cheery morning guaranteed.
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The all-glass, classic Chemex is something to behold.