Tallulah Willis On Non-Cheesy Festival Style

Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg.
When we say music fest, you immediately think paisley crop top, vintage cutoffs, feather earrings, and combat boots, don't you? Well, that's not the only game look in town. Tallulah Willis and her best friend and business partner Mallory Llewellyn have come up with foolproof tips to festival dressing — the rad, non-cliché way.
Newly signed to Next Models, the L.A.-based duo launched their fashion blog, The Clothing Coven, last month and already have a major following. From a nudist manifesto by Tallulah dubbed Free The Nipple to the best place to shop for vintage mom jeans in L.A., there's a wide range of topics penned by the twosome, as well as a range of other young writers and creatives.
The best part? It's refreshingly relatable, smart, and knows better than to take itself too seriously (one of the site's "rules" states, "Behind every great woman is a pair of cashmere socks").
Ahead, get to know the two fashion-smitten girls, as we talk about what not to wear to music festivals, how to stand out in a crowd, and why Tallulah gave a beloved, brand-new pair of pants to her sister before even getting a chance to wear them.
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Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg.
How did your new site, The Clothing Coven, first come about?
Tallulah Willis: "We met through ex-boyfriends and immediately connected as friends — but early on we saw that fashion was a huge thing between us. Mallory was the first one to say that she had wanted to do a blog together."

Mallory Llewellyn: “It was something I wanted to do for a really long time. Honestly, I didn't start it sooner because of probably an insecurity thing — sometimes it’s hard to put yourself out there.”

TW: "When she brought up the idea, I had just stopped going to USF — I was really in a stagnant place there — so it really seemed like a great time and opportunity for me to start this. We came up with the name first, and it kind of just snowballed from there. For me, it’s always been less about us and more about a creating a space for others — I see it as more of a platform for young people to express themselves and their style."
On Tallulah: vintage T-shirt; Elkin pants; Mara & Mine loafers.
On Mallory: vintage T-shirt; J Brand shorts; Mara & Mine loafers; Wildfox sunglasses.
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Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg.
And, what about the name — how'd you two come up with it?
TW: “Well [laughs]… I’m a big fan of American Horror Story. We loved the idea of this all-encompassing community — and, then, this idea of a coven seemed really appropriate.”

The site launched a little more than a month ago — have there been any surprises in the experience overall?
ML: “It’s been going really, really well. The biggest surprise has been that people started caring about it a lot quicker than we thought they would. We thought we would be practicing writing posts and improving our photos and getting the site better for a long time before anyone looked at it. And, then one day we got about 15,000 views — I was like, 'Oh no, we need to get it together!'”
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Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg.
For the past few years, this idea of "festival wear" has become more of a uniform than a wide-ranging, room-for-interpretation style. And, now, it's hard not see cutoffs, leather boots, and a crop top — or a beaded maxi-skirt paired with big sunglasses and a floral headdress — as a total cliché. What advice do you have to avoid this omnipresent banality?
ML: “I think the biggest thing is that it's become almost like a costume contest. Everyone thinks they have to go buy new things for it and forget they have amazing things in their closet already. I'm sure the floral headpieces and embellished maxi-skirts are definitely some people's style — but it's not everyone's.”

TW: “I love when someone’s personal signature can be seen in their style. Not everyone has it honed in yet, where it can be a thread throughout their whole wardrobe — but, with something like festival wear, you don’t want to be a lemon! I think the ones who go for a more simple or more original, true-to-their-own-style look really end up standing out. Also, when in doubt with festival style, I’ll always go for vintage. With vintage you have a much better chance of not wearing the same thing as someone else.”
On Tallulah: Juicy Couture top; vintage shorts; Barneys New York boots.
On Mallory: Elkin dress and jacket.
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Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg.
Mallory, how would you describe Tallulah’s style?
ML: “She’s very put together, but, then, she'll wear one piece that’s a little crazy. She'll wear a plain T-shirt and jeans and then she’ll add a crazy alien-print backpack. She definitely adds a ‘90s twist to everything she wears.”

And, Tallulah, what about Mallory's style?
TW: “Mal’s style’s very elegant — but, not old lady. It’s edgy and interesting — but always very clean. She does everything in a very refined and beautiful and elevated way, but never boring or stuffy. She always looks polished. It’s something that I can't say for myself [laughing].”
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Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg.
For Talullah: I come from a big family, too, and some of my favorite things in my closet are technically not mine and belong to my mom or sisters. So, ballpark, how much of your closet would you say is stolen from one of your sisters or your mom?
“Oh my god! Okay, so certain things just look better on one body than another, you know? For example, the other day I bought a pair of pants that I loved, and I came home and Scout said, ‘Look dude, these look better on me.’ And, to be totally honest, they did — so, yeah, it was shitty [laughing], but I gave them to her. But, then, she’ll pick out something that ends up working more for me. There’s always a bunch of pieces that float between my mom and my sisters and I. Scout, Rumer, and I kind of have this rule though that if one of us has something of our mom’s for more than three years, than it just becomes ours [laughing].”
On Mallory: Marc By Marc Jacobs T-shirt; Frye boots.
On Tallulah: After Party romper; Nasty Gal platform shoes; Marc By Marc Jacobs bag.
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Photographed by Elizabeth Weinberg.
Where do you like to shop in L.A.?
TW: "One of my favorites is Chuck’s Vintage. It’s just a place I’ve been going to forever."

ML: "I'm more on the Helmut Lang and rag & bone bent. These days, I've really been trying to buy only investment pieces that I'll have forever."