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How To Store Your Winter Clothes

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    It's been quite some time since you've really worried about monsters in your closet, but — don't look now — you've got a few creatures stuffed in there that are scarier than any five-eyed, horn-nosed gremlin. They're your winter clothes. And, despite your best intentions, you still haven't put them away for the season. Spring is in full swing, and it's time to finally get your act together, schedule a trip to the dry cleaner, and do that closet refresh you've been putting off.

    Finally getting to see all your sundresses lined up in a row without a terrifying puffer jacket to interrupt the flow should be reason enough, but organization expert Jeffrey Phillip warns that improperly storing your winter clothes can create a whole host of problems. Think bug-eaten holes, permanent salt stains, and un-ironable wrinkles. So, in penance for all those vintage wool coats, cashmere sweaters, and leather boots you may have accidentally ruined in the past when cutting corners, Phillip is here to answer your last-minute clothes-storage quandaries and tell you when a lazy-girl move is actually just a stupid move.

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