Closet Organization Tips From Chicago's Best Style Experts

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    UPDATE: This story was originally published on January 30.

    When it comes to shopping, we consider ourselves bona fide experts, but when you start talking about organizing all those new finds in our teeny-tiny, city-living closets, we're a little less qualified. Any busybody can attest: It's hard not to throw caution to the wind and toss our frocks, trousers, and shoes willy-nilly into our drawers and shelves after a long day. But, for the sake of our armoires (and our sanity!), we tapped six local experts to dish their best keep-it-tidy tips.

    We got advice from everyone — from the city's biggest style stars to professional organizers — to help you give your sartorial safe haven a little TLC. Whether you need to edit your wardrobe to just the essentials or find room for all your spring buys, you can take a page out of their collective cleanup manuals. Of course, there's no miracle cure when it comes to turning over a new organizational leaf, but maybe, just maybe, this will help you de-clutter just enough to think twice the next time there's a clearance sale at Topshop.

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