12 Things You've Been Keeping At Home You Need To Replace, Stat

Photo: Courtesy Sebastian Marin.
Clutter usually falls into one of two categories. The first contains all those weird things you can't really get rid of, like the hideous heirloom dish your mother-in-law gifted you. The other holds all the weird, completely unnecessary tchotchkes you've picked up on your travels (hotel pens) and amassed just by sitting on the couch (a lifetime's supply of soy sauce packets.) And those things really ought to go to the grim grave that's calling them: the trash can.

Ahead, we called out 8 grimy and tacky clutter fiends that are making your life less beautiful — and the smart replacements that will make it right.
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Matches From Bars
Stop collecting those tiny match booklets from nights out on the town. Instead, swap them out for a larger box of long, starry strikers.
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Takeout Chopsticks & Soy Sauce Packets
Clear your junk drawer of those flimsy sticks and invest in sophisticated dark-wood utensils. Also, buy a bottle of soy sauce and stop the packet madness.
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Dull Knives
Having sad blades is almost an incentive not to cook. You'll probably end up saving on Seamless orders by getting new slicers.
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Plastic Hangers
Unless you're in college, there really is no excuse for stowing your clothes away on plastic. Downsize your closet and then pick up some clean bamboo ones.
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Rid yourself once and for all of hidden germs with a brush that houses dish soap. We swear by this sleek specimen.
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Takeout Tupperware
We're guilty of hanging onto Thai-food containers. Who doesn't love more Tupperware? But far superior is double-function glass bakeware with lids.
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Business Cards
You're a networker, and that's superb, but you don't need to hold onto cards from events that were a year ago. There's app for that. Specifically, Evernote's Scannable.
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Hotel Pens
They don't even write very well — we suggest you go with quality over quantity.
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Half-Opened Wine Bottles
If it's the end of the night, transfer your wine into a chic decanter and it's ready to go to start the next party off, without seeming cheap.
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Shopping Bags
Recycle your bags instead of hoarding 10 million in a cabinet. Then use a canvas wax tote to carry your lunch.
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Cardboard Boxes
Sure, you might be moving soon, but stop holding onto randomly sized boxes. If possible, flatten and store underneath your bed and then use actually sophisticated baskets for your shoes, magazines, and blankets.
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Random Paper Pads
You have a million notepads and sticky notes of all sizes taking up room. Jot down notes on this giant pad instead.