6 Ways To Tidy Your Home For Impromptu Guests

We've all been there: You're hours into a TV binge (elbow-deep in a bag of cheese doodles, no less) when you get that text from a friend. "Hey! I'm in your hood rn! Cool if I drop by?" The panic ensues. You're sporting your fave — albeit impossible-to-remove — charcoal mask, and your hair has definitely seen better days. Even worse: Your place looks like a total disaster zone. (Are those dirty socks? Under the couch? Yep.)
Before you toss your phone out the window and draw your blackout shades (if they can't see you, you're not there, right?), take a breath. In partnership with the tidying experts at Swiffer, we pulled together six easy, lightning-quick ways to revive your pad from the depths of domestic disgrace. The best part? With a little luck, you'll still have ample time to ditch the groufit and run a brush through your hair, too.
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Focusing on the rooms your guests will actually be in, quickly wipe down all mirrors and glass surfaces in your line of vision. (Bathroom mirrors and large windows are often the main offenders of unsightly streaks.) Fresh out of paper towels? Reach for a damp coffee filter to achieve the same streak-free clean.
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Ever taken off your shoes at a friend's place only to discover a colony of crumbs attached to your brand-new socks? Save your guests from a similar fate by quickly cleaning up dust, dirt, pet hair, and more — everywhere from kitchen tiles to hardwood floors — with a Swiffer Sweeper and dry cloths.
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Pro tip: If you don't have time to clear the clutter, camouflage it. Invest in storage solutions that double as decoration throughout your home, so you can tuck away everything from stray shoes to rogue junk mail on the fly.
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Spot a stain you don't have time to dab out? Hide the evidence. (Sorry, mom.) Flip the couch cushion, rearrange your area rug, or cover the spot with a decorative throw. That said, you probably should take this opportunity to add stain remover to your mental shopping list.
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Don't be fooled into thinking you're off the hook by simply hiding your clutter. Dust-free surfaces just may be the number one indicator of an actually tidy space. To quickly and effectively remove dust and debris from every spot in your place, reach for a Swiffer® 360° Dusters Extender. Work it around the large, noticeable surfaces first. If you still have some time, continue dusting less-in-your-face details like vanity shelves and room accents. (Bonus points for remembering to get that picture frame your friend gifted you.)
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Last but not least, light a few candles (or break out those fancy incense sticks you got for the holidays) to banish the smell of undone laundry and create an inviting ambience. Plus, let's face it: Nothing screams "adult" quite like a curated display of candles.