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12 Inspiring Quotes About Equality From Awesome Women

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    Fifty years ago today, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law. Today, we celebrate it as a crucial landmark in American history — and for good reason. It’s the law that finally ended discrimination on race, sex, religion, nationality and national origin. The horrific reign of the “Colored Only” water fountain was officially over. (We say goodbye and good riddance!)

    The law mandated that men and women receive equal pay for the same work, and marked the beginning of a new era of struggles, for gender equality, equality for LGBT people and others.

    The fight continues — all you we need to remember is this horrendous Justin Bieber video to realize that our fight against injustice is ongoing.

    But, given the momentous occasion and the massive success that has been achieved, we thought we’d take a minute to celebrate. Here are 12 of our favorite quotes about the fight for equality from 12 women who vocally sought the freedom our nation of people truly deserve.

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