Sides & Pies: A Gourmet Thanksgiving Feast — No Cooking Required!

Oh, Thanksgiving! There's nothing quite like some homemade mashed potatoes, savory biscuits, and warm apple pie to top it all off. Except unfortunately there's also nothing like the hassle of hours and hours of cooking (that is if you can cook effectively), and hours and hours of clean up. Luckily, that's where City Grit comes in. It's a culinary salon that might as well be your cozy family dining room. Housed in Nolita's old Catholic School on Prince Street, the rustic venue is fully furnished by WRK Design, so with all of the chairs, tables, lighting constantly on sale, its decor is always changing. As is the food: At any given point, you can stop by for some good eatin' fare served up by chef/owner Sarah Simmons or one of her equally talented cooking pals that she may be featuring during a collaboration.
Skip to the good stuff: The chefs are now whipping up sides and pies a la carte for Thanksgiving, so you can serve up homemade goodness without the time spent (and maybe even pass it off as your own, too). Not only is it affordable (appetizers start at $10, southern sides at $7, and desserts at $20), but it's convenient — the kitchen crew will have all your goods ready on Wednesday, November 21, and they'll even prepare it in your own cook-and-serve ware if you get it to them by the 19th. We're already salivating obsessed. Click through for details on all of the delicious offerings and start practicing your line about that "old family recipe."
City Grit, 38 Prince Street (between Mott and Mulberry streets); 646-580-5720.
Photos: Courtesy of City Grit
Appetizers: $10 - $15 (serves 4-6 or 8-12)
• Hot Olive Puffs
• Stuffed Mushrooms
• Pimento Cheese with Crostini
• Shrimp Rillette with Cumin Crackers
• Deviled Eggs
• Pepper Jelly & Chevre with Buttermilk Crackers 

Southern Sides: $7 - $25 (serves 4-6 or 8-12)
• Roasted Garlic Potatoes
• Au Gratin Potatoes
• Stuffing: Cornbread or Italian (Sausage & Rice)
• Cheese Grits Casserole (v)
• Vidalia Onion Souffle (v)
• Macaroni & Cheese (v)
• Braised Collards with Smoked Ham Hock
• Root Vegetable Gratin (v)
• Haricot Verts with Toasted Pine Nuts and Pomegranate Seeds (v)
• Roasted Levant Carrots with Citrus Vinaigrette (v)
• Cranberry Compote
• Turkey Gravy
• Mushroom Gravy (v)

 Breads With Honey Bourbon Butter: $10 - $15/dozen
• Buttermilk Biscuits
• Smoked Gouda Muffins
• Carolina Cornbread
• Parker House Rolls
• Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls
Desserts: $20 - $35 (serves 6-10)
• Banana Pudding (pictured)
• Caramel Apple Cake
• Dark Chocolate Cakes with Peanut Butter Mousse
• Pecan Pie
Photo: Courtesy of City Grit

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