Christina Topacio Of ProFresh Style Goes Glam At Neiman's

Bold, beautiful blogger Christina Topacio of ProFresh Style is glam from the tips of her magenta-dyed hair to her high-heeled feet. And, man, did those feet move when our New York Editor, Annie Georgia Greenberg, took her for a spin across the river at the Paramus Neiman Marcus. Credit cards in hand, they found enough crazy bordeaux pumps, spiked, hand-held purses, luxe fur-lined coats, and cropped leather jackets to glam up all of Jersey (which, as you might imagine, requires a lot of glamming). Maybe the sexiest find was that blue evening gown with that daring, slitted front — or was it sweetheart white cocktail dress? Whatever. We swiped them all and sped back across the bridge to try out our finds on the sidewalks of the city.