An Exclusive Tour Of Christian Siriano's Stunning Chelsea Apartment!

"Hot tranny mess." "Fierce." "Ferosh." For more than a year, those phrases were like bubblegum in our pop vocabulary, as fun to say as "winning" was two months ago, or "major," circa The Rachel Zoe Project's first season. Courtesy of Christian Siriano, one of the first breakout stars of Project Runway, these SNL-imitated one-liners could have relegated the designer to a blip on the reality-TV radar. Instead, he's managed to not just survive, but thrive, with a series of projects that keep him busy actually making clothes, proving his once-outrageous (and admittedly lovable) behavior wasn't just for headlines. At just 25-years-old, Siriano's dressed everyone from Emily Blunt to Victoria Beckham, masterminded a highly lucrative Payless collection, and has both a Neiman Marcus resort capsule collection and a line of affordable bridal pieces launching soon. Meanwhile, boyfriend Brad Walsh, isn't short of the artistic gene himself, with a brand-new album, "Right Now," that dropped in June, and a photography book in the works. Since the couple's lived together for more than three years, we decided a private tour of their drop-dead gorge Chelsea digs would give us some love inspiration—and a much-needed kick-in-the-butt to amp up our own space. We guarantee you'll be blown away by the photos of their floor-through flat (with captions), not to mention our exclusive Q&A with the creative couple. No catchphrases necessary.
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Three's Company: Christian Siriano, Brad Walsh, and Topper.

How did you guys find this place?
"When we lived in Williamsburg, my studio was where it still is, in the Garment District in Manhattan. So, even though we had a great space in Brooklyn, my daily commute was really starting to get to me. We hired a broker to show us places near enough to my office that I could walk to work everyday, and after we looked at a few, this one really jumped out at us. It was between this and another one that she said used to be Cynthia Rowley's. Both were beautiful and big spaces but this one won out because of the skylights and high ceilings–and there are two full bathrooms. It has a really specific charm, and the fact that it used to be a dance and workout studio gave it a good energy. It just felt right, and the landlady is super."
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"We have friends over a lot and Brad likes to cook. Our kitchen and dining room are where everybody ends up hanging out anyway, since that's where the food is!"

We love the mix of old and new here. How would you describe the look you were going for?
"In Brooklyn our aesthetic was very modern and simple, clean. Since moving here we've gone on a lot of inspirational trips around the country and to Europe where I saw a lot of antiques and beautiful things, and my decorating taste really swung over to that side. Most of the modern is gone now, almost all of our furniture is either antique or replica. I'm into ornate, historic, weathered, nice patina, that sort of thing. Luxury without being untouchable. I want things to be beautiful, but still comfortable and usable. Much like my clothing designs!"
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"The skylights in the living room and kitchen really brighten the space during the day. It's worth living on the top floor of a building for the beautiful light that comes in every day."
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Topper and Christian share a moment reading about Adele in this month's Out.

Between you two, who's the interior design guy?
"I am the primary decorator in that I choose a whole lot of things and then Brad agrees or disagrees on the narrowing down of it all. I have a furniture addiction, but he's the voice of minimal reason. You should hear us fight over where something new is going to be placed. I think secretly we are both 75-years-old."
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"By the door there are hooks for scarves and umbrellas and little bags. Guests dare not leave their junk around my house!"
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The kitchen features a painting of Brad and Christian and is always stocked with lots of fresh fruit.
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"We got these 'C' and 'B' mugs as a housewarming gift when we moved to our new place. I think they're so cute."
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The living room, with stairs up to Brad's office-cum-studio.

What's the trick to living together? "I don't know what the trick is! I think having our own spaces definitely helps. I do my thing in my areas and he does his up in his recording loft. He has a whole studio upstairs in the loft above the living room, and a hippie lounge with ugly pillows and candles everywhere. So I guess the trick is that he keeps his hippie things out of sight!"
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Christian poses on his massive couch with pillows from Restoration Hardware and an oversized bowl of peppermints.
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"The television is always the ugliest thing in the room, but I tried to at least surround it with beautiful furniture. In the evening the living room is very cozy and warm."

Do you guys watch reality TV now? Who do you think are the breakout stars?
"Well it's hard to NOT watch any reality TV, isn't it? I like the big shows like Idol and Dancing with the Stars. But I only get an hour or two a day for TV, my unwinding in the evenings. And I usually prefer something like True Blood or Weeds, something with a story. Though I will say, if HGTV counts as reality TV then Candice Olson is my breakout star! I could watch her shows all day long."
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Christian meets the mirror.

Christian, we hear you're doing Bridal! How's that going and what else is on your horizon?
"Yes! A few of my more elaborate show gowns translate well into bridal with some design changes, and I have always done custom bridal. My studio has created a lot of beautiful gowns for discerning brides for several years, but we have also just started a partnership that will bring a few of my affordable bridal designs to a department store in the near future! We will still be doing custom bridal and create one-of-a-kind gowns for private clients, but I'm excited that my new bridal line will be available to many more people!"
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"One of the walls in the living room is where we display our collection of found art and old framed prints, which we collected from around the country. We have art all over the house, but here is where we clustered a bunch for the gallery effect."
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"Another shot of the gallery wall in the living room. You can see I also like big ornate bird cages and orchids. They are all around the place."
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"These are extra copies of my 2009 book "Fierce Style: How to be Your Most Fabulous Self." I had 75 copies but gave most of them away. This is what's left! The bluebirds were party gifts from my sister Shannon's wedding last year."

You provided 2008 with "Tranny Fierce." Do you have any new catchphrases? And how do you look back on the original?
Well, I never set out to have a 'catch phrase,' then or now. I said some things on TV several years ago now, and you know, over time you start and stop saying things naturally. I never used any particular words on purpose to build myself in the way that say, Paris Hilton did. I jut said whatever I wanted to say! I don't like to say 'tranny' anything anymore because I realize now it's not particularly a nice thing to say. I didn't mean anything negative by it when I did say it, but sometimes you just need to grow beyond saying something if somebody says it's not cool."
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"I got this mannequin years ago from a department store when it was closing, and now she hangs out in the corner. Sometimes she wears some jewelry but mostly she just lets it all sit on display. She's got guts."
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"I have a lot of art and fashion books, which are often oversized with pretty spines, so I like to have spots around the house where the books become the art on display."

Do you still keep in touch with the other season 4 Project Runway alums? I have friends from my season of the show, yeah. Some of those people are such amazing designers and great people, and I really admire them and consider them some of my good friends in New York and L.A.. I actually see people like Tim and Heidi a little more often, though. I just spent the day with Heidi yesterday—we have a special something in store..."
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"This is our bedroom, and where the puppy does most of his sunbathing."
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Brad and Christian share a moment in their bedroom. Aww.

Where's your favorite place to shop for home goods?
"In New York there are great places like the Chelsea Flea Market. Junk in piles. It's my favorite, to go digging. I also like to go to ABC Home for fabulous things, and day trips to Home Goods in New Jersey or to Arhaus furniture. We do a lot of antique picking upstate and in Connecticut with our friend Kristen Johnston, who has a beautiful house up there. And when in L.A. I always make it a point to visit my favorite store, Pom Pom. They have beautiful furniture and accent pieces, lots of lamps, and decorative things. I get excited just thinking about it!"
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"I couldn't bear to hunt so we mounted this wire rhino head. All the manliness with none of the blood."
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"Looking up from underneath the bedroom chandelier."
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"A drawer in Brad's accessories closet."
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Christian, right before blowing out a candle from Tocca.
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"This is our usual Sunday afternoon. We read, play with the puppy, I sketch, and Brad plays on his iPad. We love our home so we spend as much time together here as we can. The week days are so busy, it's nice to relax."