31 Reasons To Give Into The Choker Trend

When you start scrolling through Instagram and spotting the same throwback trend over and over, it might be time to admit it's gone mainstream. Chokers have thus far been lurking on the edges, but, as is the case with all good '90s fads, their moment in the style spotlight was always inevitable. Good news is, it's finally arrived. Instagram darlings and indie brands alike have been pairing them with every look, from swimwear to formal attire — and we're sold.

To quell any naysayers, the chokers coming back in style aren't quite reminiscent of the stretchy tattoo types you'd find in a movie theater gumball machine. Instead, they're a collection of velvet ribbon, twisted metal, BDSM vibes, and dainty collars. Click through to shop 30 iterations ranging from the bold and the cool, to the pretty and bohemian.
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We're charmed by this teardrop choker.

Carbon & Hyde Pasha Hyde Choker, $1,610, available at Carbon & Hyde.
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The reasoning for this choice is crystal clear.

Simone Rocha Crystal Choker, $330 $198, available at Net-A-Porter.
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A sculptural piece that hangs from your choker highlights your collarbone just right.

Luiny Formes Collar, $252, available at Luiny.
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The grown-up metal version of your favorite '90s stretch chokers.

Acne Studios Fabi Small Matt Silver, $230, available at Acne Studios.
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Buckle up.

Shay Baguette Grosgrain Choker, $3,045, available at Shay.
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Since Western accents are making a comeback, it's only fair Texas ties do, too.

Vanessa Mooney White Light Silver Bolo Wrap Choker, $43, available at Vanessa Mooney.
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Lace-up dresses are so 2015. Swap them out for lace-up chokers.

Choked by a Thread Black Genuine Leather All Tied Up Choker, $60, available at Choked by a Thread.
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Less is more with this delicate cuff choker.

Jennie Kwon Designs Black Equilibrium Cuff Choker, $1,430, available at Jennie Kwon Designs.
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Make a bigger splash with a thick velvet accessory.

Topshop Thick Velvet Choker, $20, available at Topshop.
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Wearable art.

Tara 4779 Arc Choker, $340, available at Tara 4779.
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A convincing case for the minimalist choker

Sarah and Sebastian Ovoid Neckwire, $1,950, available at Sarah and Sebastian.
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Go all-in with a jewel spike collar.

Rue Gembon Holden Gunmetal Collar, $48, available at Rue Gembon.
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Three necklaces in one? Steal.

Zara Chain and Choker Pack, $22.90, available at Zara.
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The commitment-free way to tie the knot.

Are You Am I Era Gold Choker, $149, available at Are You Am I.
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Just in case you needed the reminder, you're a babe.

Forever 21 Babe Chain Choker, $7.90, available at Forever 21.
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Show off your love for bling in a subtle and trendy way.

Lumo 4 Diamonds Choker, $1,280, available at Lumo.
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Marie Antoinette would be proud with the return of the regal choker.

Fallon Toria Xl Buckle Velvet Choker, $220, available at Fallon.
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All you need is a sweetheart neckline dress to pair this with.

Anissa Kermiche Corne de Gazelle Blanc sur Noir Choker, $2,200, available at Anissa Kermiche.
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For advanced choker lovers, only.

Isaiah Garza Oversized Python Choker, $69, available at Isaiah Garza.
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Opals, sapphires, and diamonds. The gang's all here.

Wwake Linear Neck Cuff, $5,980, available at Wwake.
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An added statement charm lessens the daintiness of a thin collar choker.

Another Feather Discus Collar, $278, available at Another Feather.
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Beaded chokers add just a touch of edge.

H&M Choker Necklace, $9.99, available at H&M.
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Newcomer BreeLayne's ringed choker gets a check of approval from our own fashion market editor, Alyssa Coscarelli.

BreeLayne Ivy Choker, $99, available at BreeLayne.
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Ribbon makes for chokers that are easy to adjust and customize.

Baublebar Abbey Choker, $36, available at Baublebar.
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For those of you who are ready to fully swan dive into the trend.

Bagatiba Silver O Collar, $150, available at Bagatiba.
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Clip it on to elevate your look to new elegant heights.

Arme De L'Amour Simple Stripe Choker, $295, available at Arme De L'Amour.
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A sleek addition to your growing choker arsenal.

Mara Carrizo Scalise Choker, $310, available at Iconery.
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Necklace layering done for you.

Haati Chai Cella Choker, $150, available at Melroso.
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Brb, throwing on our cloak and joining Slytherin.

Pamela Love Ouroboros Choker, $350, available at Pamela Love.
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An everyday choker that's simple and light.

Open House Link Choker, $215.99, available at Need Supply Co.
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Delightfully simple.

Justine Clenquet Chloe Choker, $105, available at Opening Ceremony.