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Pack A Statement-Making Punch With A Simple, Single Choker Necklace

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    Move over, giant, bejeweled, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink statement necklace — there's a new neck-hugger in town, and our naked napes are just waiting to embrace its cool, simple ways. We're referring to the '90s-nostalgic choker necklace that's been re-imagined as a modern, clean-lined metal-collar-meets-torque. And, we've found 13 pretty li'l pieces to satisfy our blast-from-the-past craving.

    While this necklace iteration has been patiently waiting in the wings for the last few seasons, it's finally ready to make its big, showstopping return for this year's holiday-party circuit. Pair it with a slip dress, another '90s staple that's back in rotation, or — for those who aren't yet feeling the grunge movement — a pretty, tailored blouse or basic, white tee. Sometimes it really is that simple.

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