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Yes, You Can Wear A Choker Without Looking Like Baby Spice

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    When seeking throwback fashion inspiration, it can be tricky to know which styles to steal and which to leave in the past. Some ‘90s trends — slip dresses, spaghetti straps, crop tops — translate seamlessly into modern wardrobes. Then, there are other pre-millennium looks that can feel frozen in time. For instance, chokers. But, we still fully support those super-short necklaces.

    Now, before you clutch your collar in horror, let us finish. Just because a trend was much loved by the Spice Girls and The Craft-era Fairuza Balk doesn’t mean it can’t look fresh today. We found rad chokers with a decidedly modern spin, from delicate adornments to bold statement pieces. Click ahead to see (and shop) the proof that this trend does have a life outside the '90s. Hey, you never thought Birkenstocks would come back either…

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